A Guide To Standing Out For When You Meet Lovely Asian Women

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Make it a point to be memorable when trying to find love

The difficult thing about Asian women is that the women in question, being Asian, largely live and work in Asia. So if you’re nowhere near Asia, this makes dating them considerably more difficult than it would be to date someone who lives in the same city or even the same continent as you do.

Now, a guy who wants to date women on a different continent than the one he lives on does have options to make that notion into a reality. One of those is by signing up for international matchmaking services.

The matchmaker in question can usually find a match for a lovelorn man. But many matchmaking services have an added service that they advertise; the tour. This is when they fly single men out to the country that the women are living in and then pair them up and hopefully, a few new couples are established from this particular endeavour.

The thing about this romantic excursion is that there’s often other men there with you. Sure, the ratio of men to women will probably skew in your favor, but that doesn’t mean that you should take it for granted that you’re going to find someone and fall in love and have your happily ever after. Matchmaking services can open the door, but walking through it is all on you.

Of course, metaphorically walking through the door that’s been opened is a lot easier said than done. After all, it’s not walking per se. It’s not like all you have to do is to put one foot in front of the other and then keep doing that until you move forward. You’re going to have to do a lot more than that if you want to find love.

One of the things you’ll have to do is to stand out in some way. This doesn’t mean taking control of the spotlight entirely, but it does mean to get a little bit of shine on you. It’s about being memorable enough that one person will remember that you exist after the meeting and may find themselves compelled to contact you.

  1. Be Quick Witted
    Being funny is a great way to be memorable. It’s a great way to make a first impression. Or a second impression. Or a third, fourth, fifth, so on and so forth. The point is that humor is pretty much appropriate in all contexts and it’s especially great for dating.
    This does not mean that you should have a whole standup routine ready, but having a few jokes can go a long way towards garnering affection from single women. So make sure to have some zingers at the ready just in case you need to get a laugh out of someone.
    Being funny can also help you with online dating as well, since a clever biography on your profile can pique someone’s interest in you as a person. It might even pique enough interest for more than a few people to consider you a viable candidate as a romantic partner/lover/paramour.
  2. Smell Good
    The thing about people is that they typically have five senses; touch, taste, sight, feel, sound, and smell. Of all of them, the one that’s most closely linked to memory is smell. A certain scent can trigger extremely vivid memories in a person.
    This of course means that your own smell is going to be important when you’re on an excursion of the romantic variety.
    So if you want to have a successful romantic excursion, maybe make it a point not just to shower, but to make sure that all your nooks and crannies are scrubbed clean. Also, deoderant can go a long way towards getting a date.
    Beyond simple deo, cologne can be a really great tool if used properly. Don’t spray yourself down with it. One or two spritzes should be more than sufficient for someone who wants to smell good but not in an overpowering and unappealing sort of way.
    But the important thing is to make sure to clean yourself up beforehand.
  3. Be A Gentleman
    Smelling good and being funny are fine. Both of those things are generally desirable traits in a partner. But there’s one other thing that’s also desired, and it’s being a gentleman. Asian women tend to be more conservative than the westerns because most Asian countries are more conservative in general.
    So be on your absolute best behavior when you’re trying to land a date. After all, you’re on a tour of the romantic sort, not on some date that you met on a matchmaker app. Tours of the romantic sort are not an everyday occurrence.
  4. Check Your Outfit
    Fashion is something that’s pretty subjective. Within that subjectivity, there’s a lot of room for interpretation. For example, an outfit can look good on one person and horrible on another. Or a person can wear the same outfit and look both good and horrible depending on who’s looking at them or on how they’re carrying themselves.
    So when meeting women, think carefully on your outfit. But also pay more attention to how it makes you feel, because your comfort and confidence will likely play a bigger factor in how your outfit is received than the clothes themselves.
  5. Be Sincere
    The thing about finding love is that the intent is important. If you’re on a romantic excursion trying to find a life partner, then that might be what happens. But if you’re just looking for someone to string along, then you might end up going home alone.
    So going in with the right intentions is going to be vital for you if you want to find someone with whom you can build a life.

Romantic excursions are a lot like vacations. You go somewhere new, see some sights, and maybe try some local cuisine. The main difference is that the goal is not to idle around, but to find someone to love. While there’s no foolproof equation for finding love with Asian women, there are a few factors that can stack the deck in your favor.

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