Why Older Men Marry Younger Women in Asia

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Find out why older men and younger women are the best match.

Older men from around the world prefer to marry younger women than women of their age. Age is indeed just a number when it comes to relationships. But just why do older men like younger women? One factor for this preference is the idea that younger women portray youthful perfection, passion, and vigor in experiencing further adventures in life. Younger women have firmer bodies and are generally more attractive. However, older men are not only after their attractive physiques. It is mainly because of the greater admiration which young women naturally perceive and treat them and by this, the latter feel more respected.

Naturally, men, regardless of their age, will always be attracted to women in their early 20’s. However, while they are attracted to youth, not all men have the same preference for huge age disparity in relationships. Despite finding much younger women extremely attractive, they may also desire connection with women who have the same level as their maturity.

On the other hand, there are a number of older men that prefer to marry younger women and are serious in their pursuits in finding their young bride. The so-called May-December romance is prevalent and widely accepted in Asia which allures hundreds of men to venture in the continent to date with thousands of singles and, ultimately, marry Asian women. These ladies are more open to dating men who are ten or more years their senior. Read on to find out why these men prefer dating younger women in Asia.

Advantages of Marrying Younger Asian Women

Lots of older Western men go a long way to visit Asia hoping to find their bride among single Asian ladies. The following are some of the reasons:

  • The trope of maturity
    Girls mature faster in certain cognitive and emotional areas than boys, most especially during childhood and adolescence. This also rings true for young Asian ladies. Since at a young age, their upbringing includes exposure to responsibility, proper social etiquettes, traditional values, and morals. Young in the outside but mature in the inside, they are better off paired with men much older than them.
  • Respect for older men
    Younger women view and treat older men with greater deference, which the latter will always find desirable. Asian singles are most respectful to everyone, especially to the elderly. This trait is mostly reflected in their parents. When their elderly parents need more care than they usually need, instead of moving them into nursing homes or facilities, young Asian ladies prefer to care for their loved ones by themselves. They manage to bring this into their romantic relationships. Sure, men at a further age deserve respect and their maturity proves to be more appealing, but they get more than that when they marry younger Asian women. Their great admiration, humility, and teachability make older men look good and feel good.
  • Fun and upbeat
    Unlike their older counterparts, younger women are more daring, positive, and idealistic. A man that has a younger wife enjoys both a romantic and practical exchange in the relationship. They get to teach their younger partners about the wisdom they garnered from their extensive experiences while the young ones revive their vigor in exploring and enjoying new things. Younger Asian women know that a romance with age difference can add a beautiful, refreshing element to their lives. They see it as an opportunity to love, nurture, and learn. They know when to have fun but when seriousness calls for it, young Asian women are also good at sitting down and discussing matters with their partners.
  • Humble, caring, and loyal
    While not all who marry Asian women can attest to this as everyone is unique in one way or another, Asian women are known to manifest the traits of humility and thoughtfulness to their partner. Submitting to their fathers and husbands is not a problem since they’re exposed in machismo or patriarch beliefs brought by their religion, which are practiced in their cultures, traditions, mores, and values.

Why Young Asian Ladies Seek Older Men

Knowing that older men prefer younger women is not at all surprising, but it has not been a norm for younger women to consciously prefer older men rather than men of their age.

Contrary to most stereotypes stating that the younger women in May-December relationships are gold-diggers, these young ladies are not merely after that. It’s true that women, especially Asians, are practical creatures. Knowing that younger men have just as much to figure out in life ahead of them, yet finding their niche in the world, and have the tendency to be insecure and spending their energy, time, and wealth over petty matters, there surely are valid reasons for women to seek among older men the stability that they want. These young women are after older men’s wisdom and practical approaches to life. They know that older men will go great lengths to make them happy and will complement their need to learn more in life.

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