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Despite the spread of westernization in the east, Asia’s culture and traditions remain resilient. The uniqueness of Asia’s culture is evident in its myriad ethnic groups all over the region. The women in Asia, though different as they are from each other, have similarities that bind them together as Asians.

For one, Asian singles are a lot more conservative than their western counterparts. They remain meek and submissive, a trait that many western men find attractive, especially for a wife.

Asian brides are considered the most sought-after women in the world. They have a unique exotic look that varies with every country. Women in the middle east, for example, have longer and more slender noses than that of the rest of Asia. They also have rounder eyes.

East Asians on the other hand, have a smaller and rounder nose. Their eyes are small and squinty, a rare feature that captivates the hearts of thousands of western men.

Asian women are also generally petite and small-built. Who wouldn’t want to have a cuddly wife? But despite their rather short stature, Asian women are headstrong and confident. Most are family-centered. Putting their family first in almost everything they do.

While the purpose of dating in Asia has its similarities with that in the west, several differences do stand out. For instance, dating in Asia involves family. It is said that when you are dating an Asian woman, you are basically dating her family as well. That is because not only do you need to impress the beautiful lady, but you need to impress her family as well.

Qualities that Make Asian Women More Preferable for Marriage

Women across the world grew up with different cultures. The culture that they grew up with greatly influence the way they get on with life and how they treat people. Fortunately, most Asian cultures dictate that women need to be more responsible members of society and more respectful of others.

Here are qualities of Asian women that you might find attractive:

  • Loyal
    Unlike in western countries, families in Asia are less likely to struggle from a divorce or a broken family than that of western families. This is because Asian women are naturally loyal. They believe in the importance of unity in the family and the sanctity of marriage.
  • Family-centered
    It is no question that most Asians are religious. Despite having different religious views, they are taught to cherish and give importance to family. An extended family is common in Asia mostly because they would rather choose to take care of their family than have them live somewhere else. The family’s opinion is always taken into account whenever there are important decisions such as marriage.
  • Submissive
    Asian women have a natural affinity to be submissive. They may be tough and resilient, but when it comes to love, they are quite submissive. They would rather avoid confrontation with their partner just to keep the peace.
  • Always positive
    Asians are known to be one of the happiest people on earth, and rightly so. With a constant smile on their faces, they face problems with utmost positivity and confidence.

Asian Brides versus Western Brides

Women from different parts of the world have different physical features and of course, different cultures. The reason why you’d want to choose Asian brides instead of western brides is the fact that they make great homemakers. Since Asian women are mostly conservative and submissive, they are content in doing house chores and nurturing the family.

While western brides are strong and more liberated, Asian brides are loving, loyal, and responsible. They always try to keep their husbands happy and satisfied. They are responsible because they are not afraid of playing the role of a wife in the house like taking care of the children and keeping the house clean.

Asian brides are also very easy to please. When they know that you can provide her with a secure future, they will stay with you for as long as you are husband and wife.

Different Asian Wedding Traditions

Marriage is an integral part of society in Asian nations. As such, the wedding ceremony that takes place is just as important. With traditional customs and modern western customs, Asian weddings are always an enjoyable festivity that you can attend.


In China, a wedding is a festive event that both families participate in. A traditional Chinese wedding is full of symbolism.

  • Red
    According to ancient Chinese wedding culture, the color red symbolizes prosperity, joy, and love. This is the reason why traditional Chinese dresses are red and most of the decorations are red, usually with gold inscriptions.
  • Chinese Ceremonial Tea
    At the groom’s house, tea is offered to elders and both families. If the elders accept the tea, it means that the bride has been formally accepted into the family. There, both the groom and bride are formally introduced as a new couple.
  • Dowry
    Similar to other wedding traditions, the groom is required to provide a dowry to the bride’s family. Usually, the bride’s family specifically requests the dowry themselves.


A Philippine wedding is never complete without its well-known wedding traditions and customs. Some may be similar to that of other wedding traditions, while some are uniquely Filipino.

  • Pamamanhikan
    There is no English term for the word Pamamanhikan, mainly because this does not exist in the dating culture in the US. In this tradition, the groom and his family visits the bride’s family, during which time, the groom’s family asks for the blessings of the bride’s family for their wedding. The wedding plans and preparations are then discussed. When the groom’s family leaves, the groom usually stays behind and sleeps in the bride’s house. Both the groom and bride sleep in different rooms.
  • Rice toss
    After the wedding ceremony, it is customary for most Asian nations to toss rice to the newly weds. This symbolizes rain, which is a sign of prosperity and good fortune for the new couple.
  • Money dance
    During the reception, the bride and the groom are led into the dance floor where they perform a slow dance. While dancing, family and friends attach money to the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit.
  • Bride and groom are not allowed to see each other before the wedding
    In a traditional Filipino wedding, the bride and the groom are not allowed to see each other even the day before the wedding. It is believed that if ever they see each other, bad luck will follow the wedding.


Majority of the population of India practice Buddhism. Buddhist weddings are full of positivity and of course, food.

  • Misri
    Misri is the first ceremony that takes place during the wedding. In this ceremony, the bride and the groom exchange rings much like how western couples exchange rings during their wedding. The groom also gives the bride’s family several gifts and misri (rock sugar) which represent sweetness.
  • Mehendi
    Another ceremony, Mehendi, is participated only by women. In this ceremony, the women’s hands and feet are painted with intricate patterns using Mehendi (Henna). The designs signify a deep bond between the husband and wife.
  • Haldi Ceremony
    This ceremony involves the use of a mixture of water, oil, and turmeric, which is spread all over the bride and groom’s skin and clothes. This blessing cleanses their skin during the wedding ceremony.

No matter where you are in Asia, traditional wedding customs are still being practiced even to this day. If you want to learn more about the Asian culture, join us now and take advantage of our topnotch matchmaking services. Who knows, you might just meet your perfect bride in Asia!

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