Appropriate Questions You Can Ask When Dating an Asian Woman

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Find out the appropriate questions to ask when dating an Asian woman. Know it here with us!

Pursuing marriage with Asian women is not an easy undertaking. It takes effort and sincere exertion. While this task may take you to a brand-new life, still, the preparations should be well-planned and organized. One of the preparations should be knowing the appropriate questions to ask when dating an Asian woman. This will discern if you are truly a good match to a foreign woman, especially with stunning women in Asia.

Asking questions should be taken seriously. This should be observed and executed well, especially if you are dating someone who has a totally different cultural background as yours. To be better prepared, take into account this little guide in asking the right questions on a date:

Who are those people you feel special and important with?

Asian women are family oriented. Asking this type of question will best explain how important and special their family is to them. They will share their experiences with their families, may it be good or bad. This question will allow you to observe what kind of daughter an Asian woman is to her parents. This will tell you how nourishing and loving they can be once they get married. In return, sharing about your family’s stories will enlighten you both.

What’s something you’re proud of?

This question will allow your date to ponder about her life, which is a good thing. They will share their experiences when they were still at school, or stories about their job. Personal accomplishments will be tackled with this type of query. They may tell how lucky they are to graduate and accomplish their dreams. Women’s education in Asia is remarkable, as it produces great and influential women. This is a way to realize how lucky would you be to marry someone who has experienced a lot and gained maturity.

What are the best places to visit here?

Aside from talking about her personal life, it’s best to ask about the ideal places to hang out in her city or region. This way, you are assured of successive dates. You will get to know her more by visiting her city’s tourist spots together. You won’t only be finding love but also find happiness and relaxation through your little sojourn. Asking this question will open up her demeanor. She will love to tour around the city and enjoy quality time. Show your sincerity when asking this question. Remember that you are in Asia, which has the best tourist destinations in the world.

What do you do in your free time?

Dating in Asia means dating for marriage. Asking someone her hobby means being serious toward her. This will open up her interests, activities they enjoy doing, or even sports they love playing. This will also give you an idea of what to do or where to go on your next dates. Asking this question also means knowing if you share common hobbies. Do you believe in soulmates? This idea will eventually lead you to where you’re going, and that is marriage.

Where have you traveled?

Asian singles love to travel. They are adventurous and love to experience new things. Asking them this question will open up her interest in traveling. If you are also into backpacking and visiting tourist destinations, you must be facing already to your perfect match. Through this question, you will learn about their preferences and their idea of living away from home, of course living with you. How’s that for a proposal?

Questions to Avoid Asking

While there are a lot of appropriate questions to ask, one should never undermine inappropriate queries, as they may cause trouble. You should always pay attention to everything you’ll ask. To avoid such, here are the questions you need to shake off:

Why are you still single?

First of all, being single is not bad. Secondly, take note that Asian women are sensitive. This type of question will grade you zero. It might be a compliment for you, but asking why they aren’t married yet can be offensive to some. You wouldn’t want your date to feel unattractive and not lovable, right? Instead of asking this, why not look on the brighter side and take note of the positive qualities she possesses.

Where do you see this date going?

Asking this means expecting too much from her. Asian women don’t like being pressured. Although they might be tagged as strong, independent women, they are still women, and women are fragile. Don’t be too hard on her, especially on your first date.

How much money do you make?

Whatever profession they might be in, this type of question will always be a rude one. In a professional scenario, asking an individual how much his/her salary is a big NO. Respect your date, and she will respect you too. If you think that women in Asia are gold-diggers, think again. Gender issue is still prevalent in Asia. You wouldn’t want to compromise your date, right?

Mentioned above are some of the questions you need to ask and avoid asking. Pay attention to your date, and a great chance for marriage is at hand. Dating an Asian woman means having a vision of your future marriage life.

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