Building Confidence in Dating Asian Women

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Be confident when you approach an Asian woman.

When it comes to dating Asian women, there’s a lot of ways it can go. It can go well, it can go terribly, or it can go in a neutral direction, which everyone leaves without any hurt feelings. But the thing about dating is that you generally want it to go well. If there’s no spark, then there’s no spark. But if you like the girl, then you’re going to want her to like you back.

Now, there’s no foolproof way of getting someone to like you back if you’re interested in them. But there are ways to leave a good enough impression on them that they don’t think of you as altogether entirely uninteresting, even be intrigued enough by you to not just give you the time of day but also to maybe possibly go out on more dates with you.

You can sign up for all the dating sites for singles that you can sign up for, but there’s still the possibility that a woman won’t bother to give you the time of day. Not that there aren’t ways to up your chances at getting the right kind of attention. After all, there are ways to subtly impact your love life in both positive and negative ways.

One great way to get that sort of positive impact is to have confidence in dating. Take dating apps, for example. Some people won’t upload pictures of themselves because they don’t like the way that they look. Well, those people aren’t likely to get any matches no matter how much swiping they do, because not having any pictures that shows their face shows a lack of confidence on their part, and confidence is important for attracting people.

But confidence is one those buzzwords, one those abstract concepts, that a lot of people just don’t seem to get. But just because you don’t have confidence doesn’t mean that you can’t develop it to the degree that you make a good impression on an Asian woman. Here are ways you can boost your confidence when dating.

1. Take Inventory

One great way to build up confidence when you’re online dating or regular dating is to take stock of what you have and what you are able to offer to the women that you are pursuing. Maybe you have a steady job, a solid home, and a car. That’s more than a lot of people are able to bring to the table and while you’re not likely to be pursuing materialistic women, having the trappings of a comfortable life certainly helps with what you’re trying to accomplish.

2. Perfect Your Posture

There are certain physical traits about a man that a lot of women just seem to like. Toned forearms when the sleeves are rolled up, for example, seem to be quite appealing. So a lot of guys start doing forearms exercises.

But one thing that can’t be improved in the gym is height. Studies show that when it comes to their men, women have a preference for taller guys. Six feet seems to be the magic number that gets a lot of engines revving in terms of height.

The thing is that less than 14 percent of American men are going to reach that magic number. Most will probably skew towards the average of five-foot-nine or so.

Now, just because you don’t hit that rather arbitrary number is no need to fret. The women who prefer tall men are usually the ones that wear high heels. However a lot of women in Asia are significantly shorter than the American average of five-foot-foot, so being of average height in the West is still pretty tall by Asian standards. So even if you don’t hit that magic number, there’s a good chance that Asian girls are still going to have to crane their necks to look up at you.

Also, standing up straight is a great way to project height and confidence without actually being six feet or more.

3. Smile a Little More

One way to look more confident when dating Asian women is to smile more. A good smile on your profile when you’re on those free online dating sites can really boost your chances of getting matches regardless of the platform you’re on since more platforms are all about normal people trying to find love.

4. Put on a Really Nice Outfit

There’s a certain truth that a lot of people live by and that’s clothes make the man. Clothes make the man, but the right clothes can certainly help the man feel more like he is the man who is going to land more dates. That’s because feeling good means being just a little more confident in yourself.

So when you’re dating, try to put together a great outfit that makes you feel really good about yourself, and that can help you with your dating life.

5. Fake It

If developing confidence just isn’t possible even with the right posture and a good outfit, the only option is to just fake it till you make it. Feigning confidence is a great way to project the confidence that you don’t have.

Also, people faking confidence can start actually developing confidence. Faking confidence becomes so natural that the fake confidence actually becomes real confidence. It may not always happen that way, but there’s a chance that it can. It could happen, but it also might not.

The important thing is confidence is about going ahead to take a chance. Because taking chances is not only indicative of confidence but also courage, both of which are appealing. So try faking it and maybe you’ll start making it.

Love is a difficult thing to find and hold onto. If you want to settle down, you need to have the mindset that you can find it in the first place regardless of how difficult that can be. And convincing yourself that you can find the right partner takes confidence. While it may not be one of the most essential ingredients that come with finding love but men who have it have an easier time making that particular journey than the men who don’t have it.

So when you are dating Asian women, try to be confident, because confidence is a great booster when trying to find love.

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