AVOID These Behaviors While Dating Asian Women

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Make sure to avoid some unwanted behaviors when dating in Asia

There are more than a few men in the world who prefer dating Asian women. But there are men who prefer dating women that are actually in Asia. If you are one of these men, keep in mind that they have cultural norms that are vastly different from the West, some of which may even be frowned upon.

When you sign up for those free online dating sites in order to meet Asian girls, you may not be entirely aware of the cultural differences. It is the single largest continent on earth and is pretty diverse in terms of its mores and values.

There are not many dating sites for singles that can convey just how vast and different cultures are. While there are certain cultures that have managed to exert significant cultural influence over the region, such as China, there are so many countries and people in that continent that there is no way to truly know everything about everything. After all, the Asian community is not some monolith.

However, despite the fact that Asia is a tapestry of distinct cultures, there are a few behaviors that can be pretty universal among the different countries and a few things to avoid when dating, such as:

1. Wearing Shoes Indoors

If there’s one thing that a lot of Asian cultures share, it is that shoes are not worn indoors. In many houses, there will be a little shelf by the door for people to leave their shoes. They even have a separate pair of slippers that they wear inside.

Keep in mind, not all countries practice this habit. Even in countries where it is done, it is not entirely practiced. Some homes in countries where this practice is observed will not have that shelf because everyone inside just wears their shoes inside.

A great way to determine if you are supposed to take your shoes off is to spot the little rack by the door (or if there are a bunch of shoes outside). If there is a rack, plus several pairs of house slippers, then you are likely supposed to take your shoes off.

2. Being Too Forward

The thing you have to understand about Asian women is that they probably grew up with conservative values. Because of that upbringing of theirs, their views on things like public displays of affection are going to be markedly different from those of a woman who grew up in a western society.

They may be somewhat more demure even during online dating. Exchanging pictures that may be a little personal is basically becoming a norm in the west but many women in Asia will use pictures that aren’t too revealing.

The fact is that if you are in Asia, you may stumble across an Asian female on those dating apps that don’t upload that many pictures of themselves.

Because of that modesty, trying to push things too fast too soon can end up with you not just being rejected, but also gossiped about. This is because a lot of the people in Asia, particularly the older ones, are gossipy and will press their younger relatives for details because they are nosy that way.

Once those details are shared, they will be shared to close friends and even people not within their inner circle. So treating one Asian woman in a way that she does not like can end up with you being gossiped by not just her immediate and extended family, but also their close family friends.

So don’t be too forward when dating.

3. Taking Your Time

Conversely, being too slow to go forward will also be a bad thing. The women in Asia do not date for the sake of dating. They date because they want to find love and get married.

In short, women in Asia play for keeps, not because they love the game. They play for the long haul. So if their partner is not someone who is all that interested in a committed relationship that ends in matrimony, their interest in the romantic relationship itself may start to wane.

Basically, you have to find the right balance between being too forward and not moving fast enough. It’s a delicate bit of alchemy, but it is eminently doable.

4. Being Kind of Loud

Despite the fact that privacy is not as valued in Asia as it is in the west, people there do not like to stand out. They prefer to keep to themselves when in public. As such, anyone who raises their voice a little too high in public is going to end up being judged, and not in a good way, by the people around them.

So when you are in public, try to keep your voice at a calm, even level so as not to embarrass the woman with whom you are spending time.

5. Talk About Something Taboo

There are a few things that Asian people do not discuss openly, such as sex and money. These are topics that are generally talked about in hushed tones and in private and only with select people.

So if you broach these subjects on a date, chances are there will not be any dates going forward.

Besides, there are plenty of conversation topics that Asian people are perfectly willing to discuss. But do make sure to avoid the ones that will get you rejected.

6. Not Enjoy Spicy Food

This is not a total dealbreaker in and of itself, but Asian people like their foods spicy. Peppers and chili are a staple in a lot of recipes in Asia. So if you are not the kind of person who likes spicy food, that may work against you.

So, if you are up to the task, maybe order something stronger than mild when you are at a restaurant with an Asian woman, because chances are that her dish will be pretty well spiced.

Dating women in Asia can present a unique set of complications. A lot of blogs and such will tell you what to do. But they will often skimp on what not to do.

However many blogs skimp on that section does not mean that there are behaviors to avoid. Asian women are likely molded by the cultures in which they were brought up and those cultures are going to be Western behaviors that they would not condone.

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