Dating in Asia: The Real Strong, Independent Women

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Men prefer dating in Asia to discover subdued feminine resilience.

The term “strong, independent woman” gets thrown around a lot these days. Some see this term as the umbrella for all that which should embody the modern woman. Others might suggest that it is a sign that the pendulum has swung too far, betraying the image of femininity that we have come to accept throughout our history.

Whichever side of the aisle you are on, we can most probably agree that the sum of a woman’s strength is at least equal to that of a man’s, albeit manifested in ways other than just the physical. It is this strength that, to our unending pleasure, we discover time and time again in the women from Asia. It is what mesmerizes men from all over the world. This is why these men prefer dating in Asia.

Being strong is not a unidimensional thing. The physical strength of a fully grown man is clear, as it is in a large elephant or lion. But physical strength can only last as long as its wielder is fit and young. But there are other displays of strength that are of a more perpetual and enduring nature. Many of these manifestations of strength and resiliency can be seen in the way an Asian woman lives and carries herself.

If you have been longing to be with such a woman, then it may interest you to study why and how she is so. Here are some of the ways that show why her character is precious and what makes her worth pursuing:

They live for their families.

The sacrifice many Asians have made and continue to make for their families is inspiring. One need not look any further than the millions of Asian migrant mothers who work the oddest jobs just to sustain their family’s most basic needs.

Many Asian women choose to work abroad for economic reasons, but not necessarily economic luxury. They do not consider themselves less dignified if they choose to work graveyard jobs in less-than-ideal conditions if it means a better life for their loved ones.

It is this selflessness, humility, and self-sacrifice that requires extraordinary inner strength. Men who marry this kind of woman will find themselves with a strong partner who will put her family’s welfare above her own.

Surviving natural calamities.

While natural calamities are by no means exclusive to Asia, it continues to experience some of the most catastrophic natural events in the world. Whether it is the 2018 earthquake in Indonesia, the 2004 tsunami that hit Thailand, or the recent mega-typhoons that hit the Philippines, mother nature is something Asians need to seriously contend with.

But calamity breeds resilience. People who experience calamity learn to rebuild. They learn to accept that certain things are beyond their control, and do their best to live in spite of those things.

If you have a partner who has lived through these things, you might agree that they tend to be more appreciative of the little things in life. They understand that things can be rebuilt, but lives cannot be retaken.

If you have a wife who can start again after losing everything, then you know you are married to a strong woman.

Sustained by their beliefs.

Some people believe that their strength comes not from themselves but from a higher power. Around 80% of Asians are affiliated with some form of religion. In many cases, strong faith leads to strong resilience through adversity.

Whether it is destiny or the belief in an afterlife, religion gives people a reason to live. It gives them a reason to strictly adhere to a set of principles and discipline themselves accordingly.

For example, if your wife was a Catholic from the Philippines, her faith in the institution of marriage would help her to endure the most difficult moments of your relationship. If she truly adhered to her faith, she would not resort to divorce whereas most others in her situation would. Instead, she would find other ways to solve or endure your marital problems, be it through prayer, forgiveness, or perseverance.

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It is in silence that an Asian woman amplifies her inner character.

Strength in silence.

Asians are generally more comfortable with silence than their western counterparts. They consider it a sign of respect or politeness to the other person. In certain Asian countries like Thailand, being quiet is part of saving face or being seen favorably in public.

Other Asians prefer to keep quiet rather than to show their disagreement with the other. It not only shows that they are being respectful to the other person’s beliefs and opinions, but it also demonstrates that peace is more important than proving the other person wrong.

One of the most desirable manifestations of this is that many Asian women prefer not to complain, but rather take action. Instead of complaining that a house is too dirty, they simply go about cleaning the place.

Silence is a great show of strength, as it shows that you are able to control your emotions when others cannot. Of course, this does not mean we can take advantage of their extraordinary patience and refusal to get verbal, but rather we must admire their composure.

Her strength is your pillar.

Many men choose to date women from Asia due to a fascination with their beauty and the mystique of their culture. They then discover that these women are incredibly strong, not physically, but by their character.

This is best illustrated in the legend of the Chinese folk heroine Hua Mulan, whose exploits in the army were achieved through bravery, resolve, and wit. It is no different from the most famous and influential Asian women in history, who were no less feminine than they were strong.

Nowadays, it is easy to think less of women who choose not to go up the corporate ladder and have a career, and instead choose to be loving, supportive wives to their husbands and mother to their children. But let us not fool ourselves into believing one path or the other makes her less of a woman. Either path requires all of her strength to do well.

Therefore, this is the kind of strong woman that has made many men happy. Pick the right woman, and she can be a life partner who will do more than her share in fostering a loving home and creating things that last beyond your lifetimes.

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