Best Countries to Date Asian Women as a Foreigner

A photo of four Asian women.
Foreign men prefer to date Asian women because of their unmatched beauty and loyalty.

Women in Asia are generally wife-material. They’re great nurturers, and they love unconditionally.

It’s no wonder why a lot of western men fly all the way to the far east to meet and date Asian women.

Relationships and marriages have been proven to last longer with Asian women, as these gals refuse to recognize the word “divorce.” Not only that, they are also known to be loyal partners who give their all to a man who’s able to love them the same way.

As such, to help you decide which country to fly to and meet an Asian female, here are six countries on the continent that are on top of the tier when it comes to international dating:


Foreign men are generally welcome in the Philippines, that’s why it’s relatively easier for them to find a Filipina wife in a short span of time. The welcoming nature of the country’s people helps them meet Filipinas and gradually form a relationship with them.

Foreigners also frequent the country because the local women prove to be responsible housewives and nurturing mothers. It’s undeniably one of the best countries to find a loyal wife.

Among other Asian countries, it’s in the Philippines where you find ladies who can speak conversational English. The country used to be an American colony, which is why English has become a second language to most Filipinos; also quite rare in Asia.

You’ll have little to no problem communicating with the ladies as the country has some of the top English speakers in the world.


Although Chinese women are among the most educated, independent, and financially secure in Asia, those that are available for foreign men belong to a particular age group; women that are in their late 20’s to their 30’s.

It’s because Chinese women of these ages are no longer considered suitable to marry their local Chinese counterparts. This is the price they pay for pursuing higher education, establishing a career, and becoming financially independent.

For foreign men, this is an advantage because they get to meet and date Chinese women who will never rely on them for support or finance. They have a high chance of meeting equally independent and career-driven women.

Also, it’s easier to meet Chinese women who are open to dating foreign men, and dating online in general, especially in big Chinese cities compared to the provincial areas of the country.


A photo of a lovely Thai woman.
When an Asian woman commits to love, she is sure to give her all in order to keep a man.

Aside from the Philippines, another Asian country that is not age-sensitive when it comes to dating foreign men is Thailand.

But what really sets Thai women apart from other Asian women is that they are straightforward, and those who come from big Thai cities are more open to intimacy.

For this reason, there’s quite a big population of foreign men in the country, leading to a pretty tight competition when it comes to finding Thai women who are in for a serious, long-term relationship.

However, it’s not that big of a problem because these women are among the kindest and the most patient when it comes to waiting for the best man for them.

If you ever plan on finding your future wife here, you will definitely not be disappointed. Simply take your time, enjoy your stay, and meet as many genuine women as you can.

Make connections and eventually, you will find the woman whom you can happily spend the rest of your life with.


It’s no doubt that Asian women are beautiful and charming, but they say that the fairest Asian woman is living her best and most peaceful life in Vietnam.

Western men go to Asia because women there are far more modest than most western women. And among all the Asian women there are, Vietnamese women have the highest moral values.

The divorce rate in the country is impressively low, which is why a long-term, if not a lifetime, marriage is guaranteed when foreign men date and marry Vietnamese women. Because of this, Vietnam is among the best countries to find love, not just in Asia, but in the whole world.


Women practically dominate Mongolia, as they greatly outnumber Mongolian men.

Aside from being gorgeous and overall physically attractive, these women are far more educated and stable than their male counterparts. But despite having strong characteristics, Mongolian women are still conservative in nature.

These ladies have all the right to become selective when it comes to choosing men to date, but that just isn’t the case because they don’t have that much of a high standard in men.

Typically, they don’t look at a man’s financial stability, as long as he’s capable of loving and being a loyal partner.

But with the rising popularity of dating foreign men in the country, these ladies have started to revamp their thinking and have now established a higher standard for men.

After becoming aware that there are foreign men who are on the same level as them when it comes to the choice of career, independence, loyalty, and financial stability, they gradually started to become selective in the men they’re planning to date and marry.

Then again, that shouldn’t worry you, as long as you know you have good intentions and long-term goals. With that, it shouldn’t take long for you to find an ideal partner in this country.


A photo of a smiling Asian woman.
Laos is underrated, but it’s one of the must-visit countries for meeting and dating Asian women.

The first five countries mentioned all have moderate to tight competition for foreign men when it comes to dating Asian ladies. But in the hidden and not-so-touristy country of Laos, there is hardly any competition for foreign men vying for Lao women.

Women from this country are independent but still marriage-material, caring, and family-oriented.

One notable attribute of theirs is their simple, charming, and natural beauty. These women have never been a fan of plastic surgeries or the like, although there’s nothing wrong with getting one.

But for those who would love to have and marry a sincere, caring, and naturally beautiful woman, women from Laos would be perfect for you.

Why Asian Women Make the Best Girlfriends and Wives

In Asia, you will find some of the best countries to date a woman whom a man intends to keep long-term or for a lifetime.

Asian women are the perfect mix of a great best friend, a loving nurturer, and a loyal partner – qualities that most men wish to find in a single woman.

That’s why they spend money and fly all the way to Asia, leaving their lives behind in the West, and search for these women across 48 Asian countries.

It’s no waste of time because when they finally get to date Asian women, it’s an experience they’ll treasure for life.

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