5 Traits That Asian Women Have in Common with Valentine’s Day

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Have a deeper appreciation for Asian women in the romantic sense.

Most men don’t think much about Valentine’s day until just a few days before the 14th of February. Then they end up doing one of two things: frantically panicking over last-minute restaurant reservations and flower purchases or resigning to the fact that they will have to spend the evening alone.

Despite the stress, the first situation is almost always better than the second. And if you are into dating Asian women, Valentine’s day can mean something a bit more to you than the cookie-cutter high school event we are accustomed to. Truth be told, the only reason most men care about it is the possibility that they may get lucky on that night.

But like most holidays currently celebrated in popular culture, its origin is much more somber, more profound than we realize. It’s when we uncover its history and apply its lessons that our lives become further enriched by its celebration.

Perhaps all hearts day may mean nothing more to you than expensive chocolates and overpriced bouquets. But if you are dating or in a relationship with an Asian woman, then this may be an opportunity to celebrate not just the love that you have for each other, but simply her.

So let us reflect upon Valentine’s day and see why your Asian girlfriend is so much more than you may realize. Here are her traits that you should celebrate on this special day:

1. Courage and Resilience

Most people associate the holiday with love. But the story of how Valentine’s day came about is more than just love. It is also of courage and bravery. There are a few different versions of the origins of Valentine’s day, but a popular and well-accepted story is that of Saint Valentine, a priest in the 3rd century during the Roman empire. In his time, Emperor Claudius II had decreed that marriage be outlawed for young, single men, for view that having wives or girlfriends made them less effective soldiers.

Despite the banning of marriage, Valentine continued to officiate the marriage of young lovers in secret. When his actions were found, he was put to death.

In this context, Valentine’s day represents courage and the perseverance of love in the face of danger, conflict, and resistance. This is an opportunity to celebrate the courage and resilience that your beautiful Asian woman embodies.

Whatever she or her family may have been through, whether rising through poverty, surviving typhoons and earthquakes, or breaking through social stigma and prejudice, she is much braver and resilient than she may show.

2. A Deep Respect for Tradition

Among the many things that make us fall in love with Asian women is their deep connection to history and tradition. Many Asians don’t just celebrate events and holidays just for the sake of it. They know why they celebrate them as well.

Why is it that Valentine’s day has withstood the test of time? Is it a testament to the enduring nature of love?

Tradition is a way to keep something perpetual, a way for it to go beyond the lifetime of a human person. It is a way of transferring our values from one generation to the next. So learn this respect for tradition from your Asian girlfriend. It is perhaps one way to make a legacy for yourself and your family.

3. The Valuing of Marriage

Going back to the story of how Valentine’s came to be, we see how those young couples then risked all for marriage. They weren’t satisfied with one night rendezvous or temporary flings. They wanted the real thing.

In Asian culture, marriage has always been something to aspire for. Perhaps it isn’t much so with current Western society. But when you are with a woman who strongly values her Asian heritage, you can rest assured marriage has been or is on her mind.

Don’t simply make Valentine’s day an excuse to put on your finest gentleman’s outfit or impress your date with fancy wine and gifts. Commemorate this - that marriage is something to strive for. If it were another time, it would have been something to die for.

4. Loyalty

If you have been spending Valentine’s day with a different girl every single year, you may be celebrating it wrong. And if this is the year you are dating a proud Asian lady, then this should be the year things change.

Asians are known for their loyalty. Certainly there are exceptions, but this does not diminish their reputation. Remember resilience? Resilience is about sticking to what and who you value not just in good times, but in tough times as well. Therefore don’t be loyal when it’s easy. If she is a true Asian woman, she will be loyal no matter what.

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Valentine’s day is the time to treat her like a proper princess.

5. A Toast to Femininity

Why is it that fancy chocolates, diamonds, hearts, and roses are the flag bearers of Valentine’s day? Why is it that we write love letters and practice being chivalrous to women on this day?

Valentine’s is often the best excuse to treat women like princesses. It’s a time to celebrate their femininity and please them with the things they truly like, even if they are afraid to admit it. Women from Asia absolutely celebrate femininity. They cherish their roles of being mothers and nurturers in the family and wives to their husbands.

So if you have a strong, independent Asian girlfriend, it’s high time to tell her that for at least one day in the year, she can pretend to be the damsel and be wined and dined like a true lady.

Don’t forget why we celebrate Valentine’s day.

You’re dating an Asian woman - the woman of your dreams. You have the battle won. But in the Asian spirit, don’t seek to just have good things. Seek to have permanent things. This means that you shouldn’t waste this fantastic opportunity to be reminded how lucky you are and how you should plan for the future. Once you learn the truth about Valentine’s day, you then will know you shouldn’t take what you have for granted.

Or if you are single and you don’t want to spend Valentine’s that way, then it’s high time to do something about that, don’t you think? And if you think there isn’t any hope for you at all, remember that somewhere in this world, there is an Asian woman just for you.

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