Top 5 Date Ideas with Your Asian Girlfriend on National Lover’s Day

Finding the right person can be surreal. Especially when National Lovers Day is right around the corner. We get it; you want to be with your Asian girlfriend, and you want to spend more time with her in any way you can.

National Lovers Day is on April 23, 2022. It is still three weeks away, giving you enough time to plan a date. Time to put your worries aside and have fun with the woman you love.

A couple having a day at the beach.
Celebrating Lovers Day 2022 with your Asian girlfriend is a must!

With Lover’s day fast approaching, you might wonder what date ideas Asian women like. You can choose to prepare dinner or a picnic. Other options include movies or a trip to the beach. The possibilities are endless.

If you still haven’t decided on anything yet, don’t worry. Here are five date ideas for you to consider. Let us take a look at number five:

#5 Homemade Dinner

Dinner sounds like a complete cliche at this point in your relationship, but we promise it comes with a unique twist. A homemade dinner sets the mood, showing how serious you are in dating your girlfriend.

You will get plenty of opportunities to show your fun and charismatic sides. Who knows? A little food fight during your date might be what both of you need to let off some steam. Here are a few ideas on what to cook:

  • Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls

Your girlfriend will either eat a healthy meal or go big. If she is on a healthy diet, you can try making fresh spring rolls. Spring rolls are full of vitamins and micronutrients, and making them shows that you care about her diet.

  • Chinese Braised Pork Ribs

If she wants to go big for your dinner, you can make her some braised pork ribs. This go-to meal from Asian cuisine will leave her wanting more. You can even add some spices to give the meal an extra kick.

  • Korean Beef Bulgogi

Not sure what to choose? The Korean beef bulgogi is a well-balanced meal that fulfills the soul. This meal is one of our highly-suggested options if you want to impress your girlfriend during National Lovers Day.

#4 Going on an Adventure

Are you and your girlfriend the adventurous and outgoing type? Since Lover’s Day is one of the special days in a relationship, there is no need to hold back. Pack some clothes and buy some supplies because it’s time to explore.

Hiking, trekking, or even climbing; the possibilities are endless for your date under the sun. It will be the perfect moment for you to get away from the city noise. A moment full of quiet, letting both of you connect on a spiritual level.

Your great reflexes and survival skills might even impress your girlfriend. A few things you can do are:

  • Camping

There are many possible things to do if you and your girlfriend are camping. The best possibility is that you would be able to see the stars at night, away from human light pollution. Isn’t that romantic?

  • Hiking

Hiking removes all the toxins from the body, both emotional and physical. It cleanses the soul, making it easier for you and your girlfriend to strengthen your connection.

  • Road Trip

A road trip will do wonders for your girlfriend. The rush of going on an adventure with the love of your life is nothing short of exciting. Refuel your car and pack some clothes because it’s time to have a long weekend.

A female relaxing in a bathtub
Stay at home and relax with your Asian girlfriend.

#3 Stay at Home

After a week of stress and days at work, you need a good taste of rest and relaxation. Luckily for us, this year’s National Lovers Day lands on a Saturday.

Give her a chance to stay away from the busyness. Stay at home and in bed to feel each other’s warmth and cuddle all you want. It is one of the best ways to build intimacy and trust.

Here is a list of things you can do:

  • Watch a Movie

Watching a movie with your partner will be an excellent idea while lying in bed. Whether it’s a romantic comedy or a scary horror flick, your girlfriend will be holding you close.

After the movie, you can talk about your views and favorite characters. You can get a closer look at how she thinks.

  • Read Books

Reading in silence together is still a good idea. It might be awkward at first, but all you have to do is allow yourself to get comfortable around each other’s presence.

You can also break the tension by reading your Asian girlfriend quotes about time and love. Trust us, it’s a pleasant comfort that you can do for your girlfriend. You will be able to truly connect with each other.

#2 Go to the Beach

Asia is well-known for its awesome coastlines. Chances are, your girlfriend already misses the seashore! Spend your day under the sun, and you will see your girlfriend glowing.

There are plenty of activities for you to choose from. The beach has kayaking, parasailing, jet skis, and much more. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Sunbathing

Absorb all that Vitamin D and let go of the toxins in your system. You and your partner need the right amount of sunshine for your special day for love. When both of you finish, you’ll be glowing from all that time under the sun.

  • Jet Skis

Did we mention Jet Skis already? These bad boys are full of the adrenaline rush that you as a couple might be looking for at the beach. If your girlfriend likes the thrill, you will not regret putting her on a Jet Ski.

#1 Shopping for Excellence

One thing Asian women know how to do is fashion. Go to the mall and bring her window shopping. Sometimes that’s the perfect gift idea any lover ever needs: newly bought Prada.

The best gift ideas for your significant other are clothes that can make her look powerful and elegant. Anything that truly makes her feel like a rich Asian girlfriend. You can also choose accessories like earrings or necklaces.

Enjoy Your National Lovers Day!

What did you think? Those suggestions are all our recommendations for your date this coming National Lovers Day. It’s on April 23, 2022, Saturday.

You and your lover dating at the seashore, mall, or home is already a good start. Make sure to give planning a lot of consideration. Everyone knows an Asian woman loves deeply and is not easily swayed. Start planning!

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