Obvious Signs Asian Women Are Attracted to You

A photo of an Asian Woman
Be aware of how Asian women behave when they are attracted to someone.

Asian women have distinguishing characteristics compared to other races around the world. They are known for their cute eyes and smooth white skin. You can find them anywhere in Asia, and you can tell that they have unique, intoxicating beauties.

Most guys who are interested in dating these women, however, face the dilemma of not knowing how Asian ladies show signs of attraction and interest.

We might be able to help you out with that. Try to reflect on some of the most obvious signs that an Asian woman is attracted to someone so that you'll know when to make a move and interact with her.

The signs of attraction from a woman can be expressed in so many ways. The following are a few good examples:

1. She smiles and glances at you often.

If you notice her smiling a lot when she sees you, it's because she is genuinely happy. It gives her excitement every time you meet her. The oxytocin hormone, which is also known as the love hormone, releases and comes rushing to her brain, creating the chemical reaction that we refer to as falling in love.

2. She looks away or engages in eye contact with you.

Be sure to take note of this so you don’t create a misunderstanding. Some women are very timid and shy when it comes to talking to people, and due to this, they will avert their eyes. But from a different perspective, once you have a special chemistry with that woman and she averts her eyes, that’s another story.

Instead of looking away, she maintains eye contact with you. Also, don't forget that one of the signs a woman is attracted to you sexually is when she looks at you a certain way — and don't worry, you'll be able to tell which is which.

She will want to look deep into your eyes to see your sincerity as a man. “The eyes are the window to our souls,” as the saying goes, so it’s not news to women when they do that, they just want to have a little peek as they are curious to know who you are as a person, especially if you want to develop a certain bond with her.

3. She strokes her hair while gazing at you.

Just like what you see in romantic movies, every time a woman is attracted to a guy, she makes this gesture — it's a typical sign of attraction. So as a man, you have to closely pay attention to her body movement. But don’t be creepy, you might give her the impression that you only find her physically attractive, which is a big no-no when it comes to winning her over.

4. She blushes uncontrollably.

This is indeed one of the most common signs of attraction. Once her heart rate increases, it will send blood rushing to her face, making her turn red. Make sure you don’t miss this sign so that you'll know for sure if she is attracted to you. It's a perfect chance to have a deep conversation or a heart-to-heart talk.

5. She constantly fixes herself.

Why does she constantly fix herself? The answer is so she will look good, or so that she doesn’t embarrass herself when she’s around you. This is the type of body language wherein she makes sure to look beautiful in order to make herself more attractive to you.

6. She reacts to your touches.

Your touch can be deadly to a woman who has certain feelings for you. Their minds will go blank and they can go crazy. They may not show it because women are naturally born to hide these types of emotions, but then again, don’t be creepy or stupid about it.

Naturally a person will react to the sense of touch. From a comedic standpoint, however, you can slap or force yourself to touch a woman, and of course she will react negatively. So THINK first before you do anything stupid or assume anything that isn't true.

7. She licks her lips softly.

This can also be a sign that she is attracted to you sexually. She licks her lips softly, but not in a creepy way, as if she is salivating, like when you salivate after seeing or smelling food after a long fasting.

8. She touches your arm.

She can do this when you're taking a stroll or even when you're standing beside her. It's like she's clinging to you. This can be because you give her a sense of companionship and security, and that is ultimately a good sign.

You manage to give her a sense of comfort whenever you're together. There will be a lot of physical contact with her as your relationship progresses, so make sure to keep your eyes open and your awareness high.

9. She laughs at all your corny jokes.

A woman will make sure that she values your effort in telling any kind of joke. She will laugh to let you know that she is interested in you and likes the way you make her smile. She will not want to leave you hanging to avoid any awkwardness.

10. She moves slower than usual.

If you have known her for a while now, and you feel like you both share a special connection, make sure to notice the speed of her movement. Being around her can affect her locomotive function, especially if she has feelings for you.

If her actions are slow and composed, that means she is confident and attracted to you. If her movements are fast, it can mean that she is not that attracted to you or that you haven't reached a certain level of comfort or closeness yet.

11. She mirrors your movements.

According to studies, when you are subconsciously attracted to someone, you tend to copy their gestures. This is also one of the well known mutual attraction behaviors that people are not always aware of.

She will move the way you move without noticing it. Verbal mirroring may be present as well, so just be cool and observe the way she talks and moves whenever you're together. Either way, this gesture is definitely a sure sign that she is attracted to you.

12. You can hear her breathing heavily.

Usually when a woman is attracted to you, her breathing gets heavy because of the rapid increase in her heart rate. Aside from blushing, an increased heart rate can also lead to mild difficulty in breathing as she feels anxious or nervous.

13. Her cleavage is more exposed and she arches her back often.

This is a surefire sign that a woman is sexually attracted to you. She gives you a visual demonstration of all her proportions and tries to seduce you. She will make sure she dresses seductively to grab your attention.

So as a man, when she’s given you all of these hints, and yet you are still clueless about what’s happening around you, then the problem is with you. One's body language can speak so much more, and it's up to you to be able to read through that.

These are just some of the most obvious signs that Asian women are attracted to someone, so best keep your eyes peeled and your confidence steady.

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