Should You Date Asian Single Mothers?

An Asian mother with two kids
Asian single mothers are among the most devoted parents in the world.

Imagine this: you’ve given online dating a try, and you’re captivated by this beautiful woman who also happens to be an Asian single mother.

Dating for single people is complicated enough, it’s even more so for single parents who have children to think of. Now that line from the movie Jerry Maguire is running through your head, “Single moms don’t date.”

Are you wondering if that line from an all-American movie applies to Asian single moms too?

The answer is both yes and no.

Yes, because dating a single mother will understandably involve her children, and Asian mothers are well-known for putting their families first. For some Asian mothers, their lives revolve around their children. This is proof of their loving and selfless nature.

Their love for their families can even lead them to set aside their own needs. They don’t date just for the sake of dating.

When they date, it’s with their children’s future in mind first, and their own happiness second.

It’s not uncommon for an Asian single mother to leave a man she’s in love with if her children don’t get along with him. This is also a practice that’s well-supported in Asian communities, so Asian single mothers feel validated prioritizing their families.

But the answer is also no because many Asian single moms are willing to put their hearts on the line for love – both romantic and familial love. Many Asian women who turn to online dating are single mothers and are open about it.

They date because they want to find a man who will treat them right and make them feel special. Someone they can shower with affection meant for a husband.

But even if you treat them like queens, if their children get left out, that’s a deal breaker for them. Pro tip: if you want to take her on a trip, make it a beach outing so her kids can come along.

This just proves that when it comes to love, Asian women go all out. Any man would be lucky to share his life with a woman so devoted.

An Asian woman with an American boyfriend
Asian women’s family loyalty doesn’t dampen their romantic side.

It seems simple, right? If you like her, then just make an effort to reach out to her family, and everything should be smooth sailing. She’ll fall head over heels for you and she’ll be all yours.

But as many American men who have successfully won the love of their Asian ladies know, your connection to her family will last for the rest of your lives together. Don’t think that you just have to play nice while you’re dating her.

Even in the early stages of dating her, you will already feel the importance of her family’s opinion of you.

So how do you know if dating an Asian single mother is right for you?

Let us help you make your choice with some pointers to consider.

Are you ready for a lifetime commitment?

Are you ready for a wife or are you just looking for a girlfriend? Some people who give online dating a try are looking for long-lasting relationships, but marriage isn’t in their plans just yet.

That’s okay, but if you’re thinking of dating an Asian single mother, know that marriage is her goal.

Relationships take time and effort, and that affects her parenting. Her children’s well-being is her priority, so she won’t just be looking for love and romance. She’ll be looking for someone who’s ready to be with her and help her face life’s challenges for the rest of her life.

Ideally, that man is willing to seal their bond through a wedding.

Do you want to be part of a family?

Asian women are well-known for being family oriented. Most Asian single mothers remain close to their parents and siblings; their family helps to raise the kids.

If you’re going to date an Asian single mother, know that you will be introduced to her family, even as early as the first date! You’re going to be invited to special family occasions; your opinion will be considered every time the family has an issue to discuss.

You will also be expected to include the family in your plans. In return, you get a whole group of warm, loving people who take you in and take care of you the way they look after her.

Are you also a single parent?

If you’re also a single parent, you’re probably concerned about how your kids will get along with your new girlfriend.

At this, Asian single mothers excel. Asian women have strong maternal instincts and they naturally adore children. If you date an Asian single mother, then you have someone who will care for your children as she would her own. With her experience, rest assured your children are in good hands.

Consider if your children will welcome an Asian woman’s involved style of parenting and whether her kids will get along with yours.

Are you financially stable?

By financially stable, we don’t mean you have to be wealthy. A man with a decent, steady job or a small business of his own is financially stable.

Asian single mothers are wise. Regardless of age, they’ve matured through motherhood and life experience.

They know that the relationship they enter into will also affect their children, and so they value mental and emotional stability in a man, as well as financial responsibility.

This doesn’t mean she’ll only be interested if you have money. On the contrary, most Asian single moms make their own money, whether they’re employed or self-employed.

But it takes discipline and focus to be a man of reasonable means, and that’s what your money represents. She’ll know she can count on you, and that you’ll be smart and responsible – a good role model for her children.

Do you want to have children immediately?

This is important because you can’t just date an Asian single mom and ignore her children. She will expect you to care about them too. If everything goes well, and the two of you get married, she will expect you to share the parenting responsibilities with her.

So ask yourself if you’re ready for fatherhood before deciding to date an Asian single mother.

If there’s a part of you that finds the idea of fatherhood appealing, know that Asian mothers raise their kids to be respectful and obedient to their elders.

Asian children are also naturally affectionate. They love to play with their elders and are eager to learn from them.

Dating an Asian single mother will give you the opportunity to spend your life with not just one loving person, but a whole family of them.

Meet That Special Asian Woman

Single parenthood is complex but rewarding. If you’re going to date a single mother, no matter which culture she’s from, bear in mind that you’ll be joining in her struggles with parenthood, but you’ll also enjoy every triumph she and her children gain.

And if you decide to date an Asian single mother, your life will be enriched beyond just the romantic side.

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