Online Dating Slang Asian Women Use

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Keep yourself informed with today’s online dating slang.

Before you begin meeting beautiful Asian women online, wouldn’t you want to know what the latest online dating slang is?

If this is your first time encountering such a term, now would be the perfect opportunity to learn more about it. After all, technology and the internet continue to keep us informed with the latest trends and happenings around the world, so we might as well learn a thing or two about the lingo everyone else is using.

In today’s modern dating world, almost every single person has experienced ghosting and other social media terms that apply to how relationships bloomed, succeeded, or failed. Other terminologies can refer to individuals and what they’re experiencing as well. The fact of the matter is that millennials aren’t the only ones who are familiar or have come face to face with these expressions.

Dating in 2020 has become more digital than ever. With the ongoing pandemic, adults, both young and old, have turned to social media and various international dating sites to find love. Others use these as a means to fill the hole in their lives that was left as a result of distancing and limited social interactions.

Now, here we are.

If your goal is to seek an Asian woman, the best way to go about it is to meet one online. For a romantic relationship to happen, you would have to communicate and interact with each other over the internet until you eventually decide to meet in person.

Since these ladies are no strangers to today’s online dating slang, it’s about time that you familiarize yourself with some of the words and phrases that will most likely be used. The following dating terms are just some good examples of the commonly used ones:

1. Friends With Benefits

This is a popular setup where two people engage in sexual activities, but are not in a committed relationship. Those who are not looking for anything serious make this their go-to option so they can still savor the fun and enjoyment of casual hookups without taking any kind of responsibility.

2. Cuffing Season

This refers to the seasons of fall and winter where warmth and companionship are yearned for the most. Most individuals who are single during this time force themselves to get romantically involved with someone just so they don’t feel cold and alone. However, come the spring season, these individuals will no longer feel the need to keep the relationship going.

3. Thirst Traps

This applies to men and women who post sexually enticing photos of themselves on their online dating profiles as a means to get attention. They use this to lure people into being attracted to them without actually knowing them for who they are.

4. Love Bombing

This is when someone showers you with an incredible amount of love and affection even though you just started getting to know each other. Their goal is for you to appreciate their gestures and efforts until you eventually fall for them — and that’s when they start to abuse you by wanting to take over every decision you make, not letting you spend time with your friends, easily getting mad at pointless things, making your world revolve around them, and so on.

5. Slow Fade

As the term implies, this is when someone who is beginning to lose interest in you will start communicating with you less, up until you no longer hear from them for good.

6. Ghostbusting

Where ghosting means ending contact with someone without so much as a warning or reason, ghostbusting mostly refers to the victims. Even though the person you’ve been interacting with online has stopped responding to you, you still reach out to them in hopes of getting them to talk to you again. Talk about a double bummer.

7. Sneating

You know how men are expected to pay for dinner, especially on the first few dates, just so they can impress the women they’re dating? Well, unfortunately, there are some women who take advantage of this, with no real intention of being in a relationship with the man. This slang is practically new, also referred to as “sneaking eating”, so beware of those who will use you just so they can snag a free meal.

8. Bae

It’s practically a shortcut for “babe”. The younger generation are known to use this term more, so don’t be surprised if you end up dating a younger Asian lady who calls you her bae.

9. Benching

You know how in sports, a coach benches a player in favor of another? It’s basically the same thing when it comes to dating. Someone may be showing interest in you to the point that you think there might be a chance for you to be together officially, but in reality, they are only keeping you as an option in case things don’t work out with the person they were initially interested in.

10. IRL

This is an acronym that means “in real life”. It’s mostly used when the person you’ve been communicating with online asks, “When do we meet irl?” or says, “I hope you think I’m just as attractive irl.”

Keeping up With the Dating Slang

There are many other terms that online daters are using nowadays. However, you should not worry too much about making a bad impression if you don’t know the meaning of all the acronyms, words, and phrases. You can always look for clues by taking note of the context, or simply look them up on google just to be sure.

The opportunity to meet Asian women has been made easy and convenient by various online dating services. All you have to do is familiarize yourself with how it’s done and you’ll be well on your way to virtually interacting with the woman of your dreams.

Online dating slang is just a normal part of the experience. If you’re going to meet someone over the internet, you might as well be aware of the different languages spoken, and that includes modern terms that apply to different traits and behaviors people show in the online dating world. Keep yourself informed and you will find yourself easily communicating with various users in no time!

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