How to Maintain Healthy and Strong Romantic Relationships

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Undivided time and effort are what makes romantic relationships thrive.

Being in a relationship is not always butterflies and unicorns. There will be times when you feel like quitting. There will also be moments when you feel like you’re winning.

I guess there is a truth to the saying that no relationship is perfect. However, you can make it better and worthwhile. All you need is the will and determination.

Maintaining a strong and healthy connection with your partner can help you weather any storm that will pass. How? Here are some ways to improve your relationship with your significant other:

Communication is key.

“Words without actions are empty. Actions without words are confusing.”

Consistent, effective communication is the key for a relationship to work. It’s not just about talking and showing body language, but also understanding your partner’s culture and inner world. It’s important to communicate with your partner not only during conflicts. While it’s true that you need to talk about your issues to resolve them, you should also take the time to talk about your intimacy and relational growth.

Trust is vital.

“Without trust, there is no reason to continue the relationship.”

Love is built on trust. It’s the basis of everything in your relationship. There’s no way around it. It plays a crucial role in maintaining a strong and healthy relationship with your partner.

It is something that is earned and given in a relationship. If you show signs that you trust your partner, she will feel confident and will trust you too. A good start is to give her the privacy and space that she needs. She’s your girlfriend and she has a life to live outside your relationship.

Give her some credit. Have faith in her loyalty to you and your relationship. Believe that you and your partner can overcome any challenges that come your way. Trust in your love, so that even when you’re miles apart, you won’t have to worry about each other. This is one of the types of romantic relationships you should strive for.

Respect begets respect.

“Without respect, there is no love.”

Respect is also something a relationship cannot work without. Establishing respect in your relationship is as important as communication and trust. You can do it by considering your partner’s values, feelings, desires, culture, dreams, opinions, and more.

Respect, like trust, is earned. You can’t demand it from anyone, not even your partner. To start, create an environment where your partner feels that she is respected. This way, she can talk to you about problems and address issues without being angry.

The ultimate sign of respect in a relationship is to let your partner feel that you recognize, accept, and appreciate your differences.

Passion breeds creativity.

Being passionate about something is a great driving force to create new ideas to keep your relationship healthy and strong. For instance, you can think of new ways to satisfy your partner. You can also try new things in your relationship to avoid following a routine. The more passionate you are towards your love, the more effort you put into your relationship.

Showing trust, respect, passion, and communication to your partner is influencing her to do the same to you. It’s a give-and-take situation, and it’s healthy for your relationship.

Doing the things mentioned above will strengthen your relationship over time.

Indicators of Happiness in Romantic Relationships

Happiness is one of the major ingredients to having healthy, successful romantic relationships.

But how do we measure someone’s happiness?

Is it measurable through the multiple times a couple laughs or smiles together? Can it be seen through their eyes? Or is it about having no conflict or arguments throughout their relationship?

You enter into a relationship with the hope that it gives you lifelong happiness. There is an anticipation that you will experience the kind of joy that you have not yet felt in your life.

Love and relationships don’t come easily.

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A happy, fun, and loving couple is one of the types of romantic relationships you should strive for.

They just don’t let you feel all the positive emotions without experiencing the struggles that come along with it. Even if you encounter some relationship problems, you prefer to resolve them so you can move forward and become a better partner and individual. Start romanticizing relationships that are healthy.

To achieve genuine happiness in your romantic partnership, it is important to identify and acknowledge what really makes you happy. You don’t want to enjoy a relationship with fake happiness, do you?

Remember, you won’t find a crystal ball that will give you a clear picture of what makes a relationship work.

As such, here are the telltale indicators that you are genuinely happy with your partner and your relationship.

You are fulfilling your plans and dreams.

If there is happiness in your relationship, contentment and fulfillment are acquired.

You feel confident that whatever your plans are for yourself and for your relationship, they will be accomplished at the perfect time without comparing them and getting envious of others.

And if your dreams don’t happen as planned, you feel no regret and still choose to continue doing the things that will help you achieve them.

You are living the present moment with the feeling of security, assurance, and support from your partner.

You don’t find the past as a threat.

Being in a present relationship means accepting everything about you and your partner.

You have embraced your partner for who they were in the past and welcomed them for what they are in the present.

Respecting their past relationships is also part of accepting them.

And most importantly, you have forgiven those people who hurt you before, and you have shown compassion for yourself by moving forward and focusing on the things that matter in the present.

You see your future with your partner.

One of the important aspects of relationships is when you see yourself in the future with your partner. In other words, you are romanticizing your partner and your future.

This is a good indicator that there is happiness and contentment in the relationship because you know you work well as a couple. You consider the things that matter which will help you establish security in the relationship.

When you both share similar perspectives and do things collaboratively, your plans will work better in the future.

You appreciate small gestures.

It is a great experience when your partner throws a surprise for you just so they can express their genuine feelings. In fact, surprises are only supplementary efforts done in most relationships.

Other couples maintain a low maintenance romance. You and your partner prefer to spend quality time together, help each other with your respective responsibilities, prepare meals, and so on.

Being happy for even the smallest gesture is a sign that you value your relationship more than anything grandiose.

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Romanticizing relationships is not always bad. You just need to find the right balance.

You sacrifice in the relationship.

One of the reasons why a relationship works is the idea of give and take. Equal share of effort is a required aspect to maintain stability in the relationship. No one gives more and receives less.

Then again, circumstances differ from one relationship to another.

If you are genuinely and deeply in love with your partner, you don’t mind if you’re the one giving more. You think of sacrificing your own welfare because you want your partner to achieve what they want to fulfill.

You always feel that your partner deserves it. Thus, sacrificing in the relationship makes you feel better.

You are satisfied with less physical intimacy.

Physical intimacy is an essential element in every relationship, especially if you are a married couple. Even so, it is not always available in some romantic connections.

A happy relationship is not solely dependent on how frequently you and your partner make love. Happy couples do not just rely on physical intimacy.

There are other needs that make the relationship satisfying. You must recognize that in every relationship, there is a need for emotional, mental, and spiritual connection.

These three significant features add value to your bond as a couple.

You can express your emotions freely.

A happy relationship allows you to feel and express your emotions. Neither of you invalidates each other’s feelings because you recognize your vulnerability, depending on the degree of the circumstances.

You can freely share your struggles and sentiments without the fear of being judged.

Happiness is About You and Your Partner

Acquiring happiness is not as easy as you think.

Other people believe that in order to have happiness, you need to look for it.

However, searching for it can take a long time. It’s like looking for a balloon with your name on it in a room filled with hundreds of balloons.

It will surely take a while before you find the one that is intended for you.

So instead of exerting effort to look for your own, you decide to give every balloon you pick to the person who owns it, with the goal in mind that you will get yours.

From there, you realize that in every balloon you give, you also feel happy because you have helped others receive their happiness.

Sometimes, you don’t need to look for it. Doing good deeds for anyone can provide the happiness you deserve.

Similarly, in your relationship, happiness should never be one-sided. There should be an equal effort to meet the needs of both parties which helps strengthen the connection you have with each other.

Whoever may be victorious in their own field, no matter how small or big it is, you can celebrate it together. If either of you faces life’s adversities, you are always there to comfort each other.

Happiness is a two-way street, and when shared genuinely, it can be contagious.

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