How to Spend Christmas Together with an Asian Girlfriend for the First Time

An Asian woman decorating a Christmas tree.
Make this year’s Yuletide season unforgettable by spending it with your Asian girlfriend.

For most Asians, Christmas is all about family.

It’s the most awaited time of year where they get to bond and create meaningful memories with their loved ones.

Because it’s a special occasion for them, you might contemplate whether to join your Asian girlfriend’s Christmas celebration. It could be your first time getting invited to one, and you don’t know what to do or how to act.

Before you say “yes,” ask yourself the following questions:

Do you want to spend Christmas together?

Flying to her home country is a milestone in your relationship. It could either help or hurt your bond with each other and your family. That is why before you buy plane tickets, you need to think things through.

Do you think you will appreciate having a lot of people around while eating supper? Do you find kids running and trampling their way around the house bothersome? Would you mind not having a calm and peaceful moment with her?

When dating an Asian woman, you have to get used to having her family around with her almost all the time, no matter what the occasion is.

On the other hand, it’s not only the presence of her family that makes this a challenging point of your relationship because it all goes down to culture.

In Asia, traditions are meaningful, and they run deep. So be sure to keep an open mind and participate in the festivities. Otherwise, you’ll just ruin the mood.

All things considered, you know you’re ready when the thought of it excites you more than it frightens you.

Is spending the holidays together significant to her?

Spending the holidays together increases the depth of your intimacy. Your bond deepens not only with each other but with your families as well.

You need to be on the same page and wavelength. Both of you must willingly agree to the decision to meet each other’s families on the holidays. At the same time, you must also have a good understanding of what this milestone means to your relationship.

Though, don’t be too hasty in making the decision. Situations like this can break you apart, especially when one of you does it half-heartedly or out of obligation. To avoid this, steer clear of assumptions and talk things through.

Just because the thought excites you doesn’t mean it is the same for her. When you bring this up to her, be ready for her response. Whatever it might be, remain respectful and be considerate.

A person holding a sparkling stick.
Christmas with Asians is meaningful because they value family.

Are you ready to meet her family?

Your knees give up at the thought of finally meeting her family for the first time. Your relationship is new, so the last thing you’d want to hear is her aunt asking when and where you’ll get married and how many children you’re planning to have.

Asian women, in general, are known to have tight-knit families, and asking prying questions such as this is normal in Asian households.

For couples, meeting the family is one of the most common sources of stress because there is the pressure of wanting to be liked by the family of your significant other and vice versa.

So before you purchase that plane ticket, make sure you’re both ready to take this big step.

Is your relationship ready for this?

It’s fascinating how some people can instantly tell if their partner is “the one,” despite being in the early stage of their relationship, while others take years before they figure it out. Indeed, we all have it differently when it comes to love.

In reality, the maturity of a relationship can’t be measured by how long you stayed together. You can only be certain once you know you can rely on each other both in times of joy and trouble and if you’re willing to stay even when the going gets rough.

Feeling secure in your relationship is a great sign.

If you feel confident about each other and your relationship, there’s no doubt you’re ready to spend the holidays together.

The How-tos You Need to Know

So her mother smiled at you during breakfast, and her father asked you to pass the gravy during lunch. In the evening, her grandfather asked you out to go fishing the next day, and you can’t help but smile because of this.

A Christmas feast.
In Asia, the Yuletide season unites family and friends while love and joy fill the air.

You lay in your bed with a wide grin on your face, thinking of what tomorrow will be like.

Will you keep the momentum of getting along with everyone? Or will tomorrow be the day when everything crumbles down?

Stop overthinking and take note of the following tips instead:

  1. Honor family traditions.

    As an interracial couple, you have a lot to learn about each other’s culture, beliefs, and traditions alike. Now that you’re going to spend your first Christmas together, make sure to be respectful of these holiday traditions. Honor them by participating in the best way you can.

  2. Go caroling.

    Singing Christmas songs with the whole family never goes out of style. Not only does it jibe with the holiday mood, but it also includes even the tone-deaf singers in the family. It will certainly be an activity everyone will enjoy!

  3. Learn how to manage and divide your time.

    The holiday season will be busy, so you might have trouble finding some alone time with your Asian girlfriend. But the thing is, as long as your heart is determined, you will find a way to balance your time and make room for each other.

  4. Create memories.

    Make every moment count by making sure you all have a good time while learning from each other at the same time.

  5. Be warm and welcoming.

    Buying Asian gifts for Christmas to express your happiness and appreciation is great and all, but material possessions are not the only thing that she will love.

    Being kind and polite, wearing your best smile, and showing respect to everyone in her family are worth more than physical gifts.

As much as you’d love to spend the holidays together, one thing you must keep in mind is not to force anything. If you know your relationship isn’t ready for it, wait until next year.

After all, the best Christmas gift you can give, other than love, is patience.

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