How to Court Asian Women

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Learn how to properly court Asian women.

Meeting an Asian woman through an online dating site or dating apps seems simple enough, but courting her takes more than just buying flowers and chocolates. At some point in your life, you may have wondered what interracial relationships are like with Asian women. You may have had the impression that pursuing this type of relationship is easy to begin with based on the success stories you have read online.

“I have courted women before and I can say that I'm good at it, so this should be a piece of cake,” you might have thought to yourself.

Well, the fact that women are complex individuals and with each having their own specific preferences when it comes to what makes a good impression and what doesn't, you will need to take into consideration that women in Asia are in a whole different league in terms of what you're used to and how much experience you've had with courting women successfully.

In the many countries that contribute to East Asian culture, there are several methods of traditional courtship but most of them are basic. Some men get so ahead of themselves that they tend to forget the first steps in building a connection, a foundation strong enough to make a relationship work, much less one that is with someone foreign.

Courtships in Asian countries are more traditional, yes. Most women from Asia tend to stick to what has been practiced for decades, which has been taught to them starting at a very young age.

Unlike their Western counterparts, Asian women date with a future already in mind. As such, they value courtships to a certain extent. This is where you will be making yourself a worthy option.

If a lasting relationship is what you aim for, you might as well know how to court an Asian woman, and here are some of the basics that you ought to start with:

Getting to Know Asian Women

Bear in mind that serious relationships take time. Before you court an Asian girl, you have to get to know her on a deeper level before the relationship can progress. Don't just ask her out on dates and buy her impressive gifts right away, nor should you solely rely on lavishing her with compliments about her physical attributes.

Instead, start by befriending her and from there, get to know her personality, her specific interests, and whether or not she is suitable for long term relationships.

Asian ladies are all for long term goals, and prefer to know a man first on a friendly basis before building a relationship with them.

Asian Women Want You to Know Their Friends

“Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.”

Aside from getting to know an Asian woman, you also have to spend time acquainting yourself with the people in her life prior to courtship. This will help you learn more about her sense of character when she's around her friends.

Once you start a serious relationship with women from Asia, it's a given that you might have to go out in a group setting, and you will have to get along with their friends to a degree eventually.

Family Means Everything to Women in Asia

Asian women are known for their closeness and devotion to their families. As the biggest stereotype of Asian dating culture, most parents have a say on who gets to court their daughters, and their decisions are usually final and agreed with.

When courting an Asian woman, you have to court her family as well. Failing to make a connection with her family will drastically reduce the chance of having a successful courtship. Nothing feels better than the acceptance of your girlfriend's family.

Planning the Right Dates with Asian Women

Asian women are more prone to favor traditional first dates, but make sure you plan something that can be interesting and fun for both of you.

Consider planning a dinner at a restaurant your girl will surely enjoy. Make sure you get a reservation because this will convey your seriousness about the date and your interest in her. Finding a restaurant that serves food you know your girl will love will illustrate her importance to you. Men will obviously first have to learn an Asian woman's favorite dishes, which should have happened earlier in the courtship phase.

Being able to choose the right restaurant will illustrate your understanding and close consideration of her preferences. Men will not have to worry about much if they choose a restaurant that prepares their date's favorite meal.

Asian Women WANT a Gentleman

Being a gentleman should be a no brainer for any man dating in Asia. Regardless of where you are in the world, men are expected to be a gentleman when courting women. When you are on a date, always compliment your lady, open the door for her, pull up a chair, offer to carry her bag, and so on.

Asian women are very observant towards your manners and etiquette. Be sure to respect your date at all times.

Choose your words wisely when speaking to your date. Misunderstandings are not uncommon for men dating Asian women abroad. Being a gentleman isn't difficult, but it may require practice for some men.

Asian Women Set Initial Physical Boundaries

Men will have a degree of stress while courting Asian women usually because many have a level of uncertainty when dating outside of their culture or country. Getting to know your date's expectations towards physical boundaries can ease many of those concerns.

You may have the urge to hug her, hold her hand or put your arm around her during the first date. In Asian dating culture, such physical contact typically comes later in the courtship so read her body language before sabotaging yourself.

In some courtship stages, physical contact such as holding hands, kissing, and engaging in sexual intercourse is common. But such physical interactions are very much frowned upon in most Asian countries. Many Asian couples won't even get deep into physical intimacy until after marriage, with respect to how Asian dating culture works.

Showing Asian Women the RIGHT Affection

Although most Asian women aren't comfortable with physical contact during the first few stages of courtship, it shouldn't stop you from showing your affection.

There are several ways to show Asian women affection without having to engage in physical contact. Being a good listener, giving presents from time to time, cooking a delicious meal, or writing a love letter can show a woman how much you care about them.

Regardless of how you choose to show your affection, showing Asian women they're special without overstepping their boundaries will mean the world.

Women from Asia think long term when they're dating a man so seeing such actions will show your seriousness about the courtship, while also conveying your respect for her.

Court Asian Women for Marriage, Not Casual Dating

One man's 'I'm not ready' is another man's 'I knew the second I saw her.'

Before you court Asian women, make sure you are in it for the long haul. When an Asian female accepts you as her suitor, she already has it in her mind that you are courting her for a serious and long term relationship because this is how courtship in Asia works.

The moment she notices you're courting her simply because you want to date Asian women for experience, she will not hesitate nor feel bad about leaving you hanging.

If that happens, you might have lost your chance of being in a relationship with someone who could have changed your life forever. All things considered, it pays to have a court-to-marry mindset when pursuing women from Asia.

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