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Get ideas on what gifts should you give to your Asian woman!

Dating in Asia can be quite tricky in a way that you can do numerous gestures to show your woman how you truly feel for her. Especially in celebrating special occasions and anniversaries, it would always require you to be more extraordinary since these certain dates only come once a year.

If you love and care deeply for someone, what ways do you show such feelings? Do you ever do things for them to tell how much you care and love them? If so, then how?

Will she love the idea of you singing or playing for her? Or reading sweet messages from you? Or how about posting pictures of you together on your social media accounts?

Will she love all of this coming from you?

This is where gift giving comes in. It is simply the act of giving someone an item or any token with the sincere appreciation of having them in your life. Most of the time, gifts are given in celebration of special occasions.

However, seeing an item that reminds you of someone can already be a transparent reason for giving another person a gift. For people who meet through online dating, giving gifts is one sure way to express appreciation and affection.

There could be several gift ideas for giving your Asian girlfriend and it may make you end up with more uncertainty on what to give. In addition, giving gifts to someone from Asia can be a challenge since people from such a continent easily appreciate things given to them.

For those of you who are looking for some Asian gift ideas, take time to refer to this list to feed your indecisiveness and be guided on these gift ideas for Asian girlfriend.


A tea bag in a white porcelain cup.
Express how you feel for her by giving her some special tea.

Nothing could be more relaxing than the soothing aroma of freshly brewed tea on a cold rainy day. With some plain oatmeal cookies to eat with, nothing could seem more perfect than this.

A lot of Asian women love drinking different flavors of tea. Known for its exceptional health benefits and with its flexible flavors, tea is a perfect beverage for most people.

A cup can be enjoyed pretty much as everyday, and giving it as a gift for your woman -- especially in the flavor she likes best, is one that she will never forget.

If you want to make sure that she’ll like what you’ll give her, then ask her first. No harm can be done in asking her about what flavors she prefers. Surely you wouldn’t want your gift to be put to waste, right?


Different books placed on top of a bed.
For your woman who likes reading, it is best to give her books!

One of the best gifts to give someone is books. Wise words, thoughtful and useful knowledge, engaging experiences, and limitless imagination -- all of these can be experienced from just one page of a book.

If you are dating an Asian female who loves books, then there is a wide selection of fine pieces that you can give that would surely suit her taste.

Know her genre first. Be aware of what kinds of works and topics she loves reading about. If you love reading as well, then you are indeed a match made in heaven.

You can share fine works and books with each other, and even get to learn together. Also, this is one sure way to bond and converse with her in the simplest way you can.

Nice pens

A set of nice pens on a desk.
Women always love nice and pretty pens, and giving her would surely bring delight to her.

No woman would say no to being given a set of beautiful and cute pens. Stationery products always amuse women, especially Asians. The fruity scent these pens have, and its colorful barrels and inks are such a wonder to use.

A lot of single women are fond of writing diaries, journals, planners, memos, and even notes -- everyday. That is why giving your Asian woman a set of these aesthetic pens could never go wrong in any way.

What are you waiting for? Grab that set of pens and add it to your shopping cart now!

Things related to her hobbies or interests

A woman sitting on the sand while taking a photograph.
Give her something that relates to the things she is interested in.

Thousands of Asian ladies have their own hobbies and interests with them. They may do some of these everyday and regularly. If you are basically aware of the things that she enjoys doing most of the time, then giving her something that relates to her interests and hobbies is one perfect decision.

You can even win major points to her heart if you do so because this would eventually give her the impression that you know her well to the extent of knowing the things that make her extremely ecstatic.

Kitchen items

Useful kitchen items arranged on a shelf.
Kitchen items, except the sharp ones, are an ideal gift for her.

There are many women who like tooling around in the kitchen. Cooking, baking, and all sorts of home chores in the kitchen is something that a lot of women do most of the time.

In the dating culture, giving kitchen items -- except the sharp ones -- is an indicator that you give importance to what your woman does everyday and what things she uses in doing so.

Simply the idea of her being in the kitchen and using what you gave her a year ago for your anniversary will always be mesmerizing to the heart. Moreover, giving such items can always guarantee that what you will give her will be used for several years onward.

Candies, fruits, and chocolates

Chocolates, candies, macarons, and cupcakes on top of a table.
Women, especially Asians, always appreciate sweets and giving her some won’t be a bad choice.

Women have a far more voracious appetite for sweet foods than men. From candies, to chocolates, to cookies and cakes -- the list goes on for these sweet foods that most women enjoy.

If your anniversary is fast approaching and you do not have any major options for your gift yet, then you could never go wrong in giving her some of these sweet and tasty desserts.

Although chocolates and candies may be given to women most of the time, do make sure that you give her what she likes the most, in order for your gift to be remarkable to your woman.

Never ever forget to attach a brief note or message to her along with these sweets, to make it even more special and extraordinary.

Couple shirts

A couple wearing matching shirts.
Couples and matching shirts always bring a smile to women.

Who wouldn’t want to have matching shirts with a partner? Of course, having one is just memorable. Knowing that you and your woman share a clothing item totally identical to each other brings the excitement.

Whether you may wear it when on a date together or not, it does not necessarily matter, for you will eventually be content and glad of knowing the idea of such.

Giving her the Best Gift You Can

Cost and fortune are not the things that matter in giving gifts. Just like how most people interpret it this way, you should not.

At the end of the day, it is your thought and careful acknowledgment for the totality of her that matters most. Even with the simplest and humblest gift you can give her, this will brighten her enough if it truly comes from the heart.

So think twice before you wrap those unique Asian gifts you have in mind when dating in Asia.

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