Overseas Dating | Staying On Guard While Meeting Asian Women

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Stay safe overseas in order to best date an Asian woman.

When you are dating overseas, there are a few risks involved. Because of the distance, it is likely that your courtship with Asian women began on the internet.

But overseas dating that begins online has some inherent risk to it. On a free online dating website, anyone can pretend to be anyone else. Which means that the woman that you’ve been messaging back and forth with and are dying to meet may not be interested in you at all.

There is even a chance that the Asian woman that you are talking to on the internet is not a woman or Asian or even a person at all. There is a chance that it is a group of people who all take shifts handling a single account in order to dupe lovelorn men into handing over money and other goods.

A lot of online dating statistics can be favorable, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down. Dating is not always easy. But the risks that are involved with dating are usually emotional. But there are times when the risks to dating are a little more concrete than a few hurt feelings.

There are times when the risks are financial in nature. But there are some ways to avoid these unsavory elements, a few ways to keep yourself protected while you are trying to find that special someone on the internet. Protect yourself through these tips:

Before You Go On A Trip

While there are some things you can do to keep yourself safe when you land in the country where you hope to to find love, there are also a few things that you can do to minimize the risk to you before you even get on a plane.

1. Use a Legitimate Platform

One great way to avoid unsavory characters on the internet while dating online is to use a trustworthy dating platform. Sure, you can trawl through the forums by yourself, but the con artists that you are trying to protect yourself from are likely trawling through these same forums and may be well-practiced in spotting a vulnerable target.

This is not to say that posers are not going to be present on a legitimate dating service. The list of online dating websites where there are no risks is basically a blank page. But they will be minimized because the platforms themselves are going to put in a significant amount of work in order to weed out these elements.

This is done to protect their users and their own reputation. So while the risks are still there, they decrease considerably when you use a legitimate and reliable platform in order to find a lover.

2. Recognize Patterns

Most people are pretty good at recognizing patterns. People have certain ways of speaking, which can sometimes reflect in the way that they type. Basically, everyone has a voice and that voice is apparent through chat and other forms of written communication.

Now, recognizing someone’s voice in their writing can be somewhat difficult, but it is completely doable. Being able to recognize someone’s voice is a great way to make sure that you are talking to just the one person instead of a team taking shifts.

Just because the name and picture on your screen are the same ones you’ve been looking all throughout your courtship doesn’t mean it’s the same person that you’re been courting.

3. Maybe Skimp on Some Details

When people see a Western man, particularly an older one on the internet, some of them see dollar signs and a green card. Now while there are some details that you cannot hide when you are dating, there are a few that you should maybe downplay.

For starters, don’t reveal how much money you have. A person with less money (or appears to not have that much) is not going to be as desirable a target to scammers compared to someone whose profile picture features them in a high-end sports car. If you happen to have a luxury car, maybe don’t put pictures of it on your dating profile.

Making yourself as small a target as possible means that the people who do show interest in you are genuinely interested, not interested in how much money is in your bank account.

4. Figure Out Where Your Local Embassy Is

This one is pretty important. Things can happen in foreign countries and you may find yourself needing a bit of help to navigate a foreign legal system (or just the bureaucracy in general). Knowing where your country’s embassy is can be very helpful in such stressful situations.

When You’re There

Of course, online dating is not the only facet of love where there is risk involved, especially if you actually go overseas. There are also some things that you should do when you step off the plane in order to keep yourself protected.

1. Bring a Travel Wallet

There are special types of wallets available for sale that you can wear under your clothes. These are great for concealing things. You can put money in there so that you have an emergency stash of funds should something happen to your wallet.

But these travel wallets are also great for hiding your passport. After all, there is no document more important than your passport when you are travelling. The last thing you want to lose while you are overseas is your passport.

2. Keep to the Safe Areas

When you are overseas, unless you are an experienced traveller, chances are that the city that you are in will be unfamiliar to you. Which means that you are not likely to know your way around.

When you are in this situation, it is generally best to stick to the areas where you have already researched or are known tourists favorites. It may not be the best way to experience the local culture, but it is the safest way to do so.

3. Keep Your Phone Charged and Ready

Smartphones are pretty great. In fact, supercomputers from the sixties do not have the same computing power of the thing that can fit in your pocket. Because of how powerful phones have become, there are a lot of things that they can do.

Texting and calling are standard features of a phone. But there are many apps that you can download, like a GPS app that can give you directions to where you need to go or a translation app that can translate phrases in real time or close to it.

So it is best to have your phone ready not just for those extra features, but also for when you need to call someone. On that note, memorize the local emergency numbers as well. They may not be the same as what you already know.

Trying to find someone to love can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be unsafe. If you want to be safe when dating Asian women, there are some steps you can take to keep yourself protected for when you go overseas to meet them.

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