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Consider the cultural background when dating an Asian woman

There’s a lot of cultural diversity in Asia, so any man that wants to date Asian women is going to have to take that into consideration before he starts getting ready to romance a beautiful woman from Asia. This is not just for her benefit, but also for his as well. Committing a faux pas is a great way to not land a date or land a second one (provided that there’s a first date at all).

Culture is very important in Asian society. Asian culture plays a large role in the everyday lives of the people, not just in their social interactions, but also in their government policies as well. So understanding the culture is going to be of utmost important when you want to date the women from there.

There are some Asian culture facts that a man who is not from Asia is going to have to understand if he wants to date an Asian woman.

First, it needs to be understood that Asia is a large continent. In fact, there are more people who live in Asia than live out of it. It’s the single most populated continent on Earth and the two most populous countries in the world are both located within the continent and are in relatively close proximity to each other.

So there’s a bit of diversity when it comes to the culture in Asia.

1. The Food Is Different

The thing about Asian culture food is that it can be a lot different from what a Western palate would be used to. While a lot of Asian countries are either developed or are rapidly developing (to the point that a great many Western restaurant chains have opened branches in multiple cities across the continent), there are still pockets of it wherein the only culinary options are the local fare.

The thing about local cuisine in Asia is that there are many dishes that are vegetable or tofu-based, not because the people there are trying to be vegetarian or vegan but because that’s how their dishes have always been cooked.

Much of the food is also a lot spicier than what many Western palates are used to, because spices there are plenty farmed in Asia. So if you’re not used to spicy food, it may be best to start conditioning yourself to such fare before you make a trip to meet an Asian female.

2. There’s an Internet Addiction

Asia loves the internet, so much that some countries have the best internet speeds in the world to support the Asian people’s heavy use of social media and love of online gaming. So if you are going to be on dates with younger Asian females, it’s not unusual for them to be on their phones quite a bit, because the internet is a huge deal in Asia. Their dependence on the internet is so prevalent that they even turn to it to find love. It is no wonder then that there are plenty of Asian women signing up on dating sites.

With that said, you should be prepared to participate in some of the online activities of your potential partners.

3. Conservative Values

The thing about many Asian countries is that a lot of them are socially conservative. Asian women aren’t really big into public displays of affection. They’re raised to be modest and demure, which means that the most you can expect in public is to hold your hand or give you a peck on the cheek and accept one in return. However they draw the line on full-on making out and that isn’t something likely to happen when you’re with one.

So don’t be discouraged when they’re not affectionate nor don’t try to be pushy. They’re used to not openly showing their affections due to being socially conservative and being affectionate in public just isn’t part of the dating culture in Asia.

4. She Wants to Talk About You

If you’re one of those guys that doesn’t want their personal business out in the world, then that’s great for you. But the fact of the matter is that if the woman that you’re pursuing is Asian, then you’re not going to get to have that level of privacy.

Your potential partner will want to learn all about you. She’ll even talk to her friends about you and she’ll talk to her family because she’ll either want to tell them or they’ll be nosy that your paramour will just give in and blab to them about you. Once they know, all their friends will know, which means that a not insignificant number of people are going to be aware of how you behaved on a date.

So that’s something that you may have to start preparing for.

5. She’ll be Affectionate In Private

The thing you need to understand about Asian females is that while they can be fairly distant in public, they are anything but in private. They are going to be very affectionate when in private spaces and are probably going to want to know everything about your day.

In short, you might find them to be a bit clingy. But that’s just how it works sometimes with the culture in the continent.

6. They Play to Win

Something that needs to be understood about Asian women is that they don’t date simply for the sake of dating. A lot of them date to marry: they don’t want to just play around with their partners. They date so that they can eventually marry the person that they are dating.

So if you do start dating one, you may have to be prepared to get down on one knee, pull out a ring, and then get ready to walk down the aisle after that. But maybe that’s exactly what you want. If that is the case, then that attitude is exactly perfect for you because it’s going to make for a perfect alignment of goals between two people.

Different countries have different cultures, and different continents are going to have a variety of cultural quirks across the different countries within their borders. Those cultures are going to be important to the women who live in those countries and any man who wants to date one of them should be ready to make considerations in regards to those cultures. If you want to be with Asian women, you should be ready to make adjustments to the cultures they grew up in.

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