Couple Appreciation:7 Ways to Keep A Rock Solid Relationship

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Dedicate a sweet love note to her this Couple Appreciation month.

When was the last time you did something sweet for your partner for no particular reason? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? Or so far back you can’t remember?

For many couples, being in a long-term relationship can be frustrating at times. When you are past the early stages of a relationship, you become too familiar. Being caught up with work and life, you can get overwhelmed with the responsibilities. This often leads to you forgetting your duties to your partner. With your busy schedule, you don’t realize that you have taken your partner for granted.

In the past two years, many couples have become lazy. They’ve lost the capability to be imaginative in their love life, because of stress and worry. Financial hardships and an overdose of social media have distracted them from other important things like love in the home.

Because of this, a lot of couples are on the rocks. There is little or no moment to have a good time or they don’t have the chance to reconnect with each other.

If this has been your experience, then worry no more. If you haven’t been a very good partner and lover, you can still make it up.

Set aside special days in a relationship for you to celebrate with your partner, and nothing more. April is the month to do that. Here’s the reason why:

April is National Couple Appreciation Month

Not many couples know this, but Couple Appreciation Month was founded in 2010 by Blissful Escapes.

This company is an event planning service provider who gives comfort to their clients without the added stress. They plan trips for their customers.

Seeing that couples are busy with their lives and it becomes harder to take the time to let their partners know that they are desired and respected, they announced April as Couple Appreciation Month. Their main purpose was to encourage the couples to do something special and honor their love and appreciation for each other.

And from then on, April becomes the National Couple Appreciation Month that is globally marked and celebrated.

Now celebrate April with your partner. Use this as an excuse to revive the romance between the two of you. Cherish the reason why you fall for your partner or use this occasion as a chance to fall even harder.

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Be on the same wavelength by learning her love language.

What are simple ways to celebrate love?

Women appreciate grand gestures from their partner every now and then, especially during Valentine’s Day.

But when you celebrate Couple Appreciation Month, it’s the meaningful things that count. Make an effort to get the spark back in your relationship through simple gestures. It is not about how much you spend but how much you care about your partner.

Here are some of the basic ways:

1. Put It in Writing

Hidden love notes are an easy way to tell your partner that you are thinking about them. This action brings a surprise to your partner’s heart and a smile to her face at unexpected times. If you want to express your feelings to your partner, leaving love notes tucked into their purse or pillow could do the trick.

Love notes can add a bit of romance to your relationship. Writing them only takes a bit of your time and effort. If you want to show your appreciation, start by writing one to your partner.

2. Take a Stroll down Memory Lane

Bring her to a place where you can both reminisce. You can choose where you had your first date or where she said yes to you.

Recreate that special day that sparked your relationship with an enhancement. This is one way of reconnecting with your partner. This may sound silly but the result will be rewarding. Make it a happy couple day.

It will allow you to bond in ways you haven’t been able to in a long time while re-igniting the excitement in your relationship.

3. Prepare a Meal Together

Cooking with your better half can help you feel more connected and happier. You will have more time to interact and connect, which can help strengthen your bond.

You don’t need to become a master chef to pull this off. The key to cooking together is communication.

Learning your partner’s favorite food is exciting and opens doors to empathy. It also demonstrates concern for their needs and balances out any feelings of neglect that she may have.

You don’t need to be perfect. Be sure to have fun during this activity.

4. Shower Your Partner with Her Love Language

  • Quality time

  • Words of affirmation

  • Physical touch

  • Acts of service

  • Receiving gifts

These are the five (5) love languages. Learn the love language of your partner and lavish her with that. You can show her your love if you are confident that you are giving her the right love and affection.

Love is expressed and received in various ways. The good thing is that with the love language, you can give the love that your partner needs. You have to be persistent in asking her and cultivate it every day to perfect it.

5. Tell Her in Words How Much You Appreciate Her

Take a moment to think about how your life becomes better with her in the picture. Realize how you survive life with her by your side. And then, say it to her.

Telling your partner in words how you appreciate her could make her feel good about herself and at what she does every day.

Being appreciated can lift a person and can make them energized.

6. Try Something New Together

To bring back the fun and excitement in the relationship, engage in activities that the two of you will find interest in. Allow yourselves to grow together by trying new things.

Carve out a little fun together. This bond might serve to strengthen your love for each other.

7. Plan a Trip for the Two of You

Sometimes, a breath of fresh air is all you ever need to create new memories with your partner.

A trip with the love of your life is an avenue to bond. You can travel to your dream destination or hit the road and let it take you to wonderful places.

National days for couples

Now that everything is set on the table, go ahead and show your appreciation to your partner. Nothing should be stopping you now!

Making sure that your relationship stays rock solid is an important aspect of achieving a successful and lasting relationship.

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