Maintaining Your Budget | Dating Women in Asia

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Keep abreast of your finances when dating women in Asia.

A lot of men want to go about dating women in Asia and it can be a pretty fun thing to meet someone you connected with on online dating sites and taking them out on a spectacular date. But visiting Asia would require you to spend, let alone dating the women.

Sure, things may be cheaper in Asia, but that’s exactly the problem. The fact that everything is cheaper in certain parts of Asia can make visitors decide that it’s okay to play fast and loose with their money, especially when they are dating Asian females.

You give yourself a daily stipend, a goal, so that you don’t drain your savings on one trip, but the little costs that are associated with dating Asian singles, and with dating in general, can seem innocuous by themselves. But then those costs start to add up and suddenly, you’ve gone through the money you’ve allocated for the trip and you’re only halfway done. You read online dating articles to help you attract women, but maintaining your budget seems to have slipped your mind.

Now, on the one hand, it is true that some things are priceless; the dates that you’ve gone on, the experiences you’ve had, and the connection made during those experiences are things to which a monetary value cannot be assigned.

On the other hand, you probably live in the real world and while you may have done well for yourself, your funds are likely not unlimited which means that being able to maintain a budget is still going to be important because while your trip is fun and can be romantically satisfying and change your life, real life with its things like bills and expenses is waiting just around the corner.

Luckily, there are a few budgeting tips that you can apply to keep your spending habits at an even keel in a foreign country where you may or may not have immediate access to your funds.

1. Experiences, Not Things

One thing that needs to be gotten out of the way when it comes to the reality of taking trips, romantic or otherwise, is that money is going to get spent. Online dating might have been free, but the actual dating itself, not to mention the travel needed to get to the dating, are not going to be.

Some guys meet the woman they’ve been talking to on those free online dating sites and become tempted to spoil her by buying her a lot of stuff. But it might be better to use the majority of your allotted budget on experiences as opposed to things.

Experiences can create memories that last, whereas material objects can fade. Clothes can become threadbare, tech can become outdated, and even jewelry can either lose its luster or drop precipitously in its value.

But the memories that are made with experiencing something together, be it a really good dinner or a day at some sort of attraction, may prove to be a little bit more durable than material objects.

2. Paper, Not Plastic

Studies have suggested that when people are paying using cashless methods, like credit cards, they tend to spend more than they would have if they were using cash. This is because a credit or debit card is a piece of plastic. Because of that, a lot of people can subconsciously not see it as real money, which can make it less painful to spend.

This is not to say that credit cards should not be used at all. If you are dating women in Asia and you don’t live in Asia, using a credit card responsibly can be beneficial as airline miles are a frequent reward for using said credit card. But they should be used in moderation.

3. Keep a Spending Journal

One great way to manage your money not just on a trip to find love but also in everyday life is to keep a spending journal. All too often, people spend money and then forget about it and move on, letting that money just go off into the ether.

But keeping a spending journal can help a person understand what they’re spending on and it is also a great way to keep track of the budget they may have set for themselves.

4. Look for Bargains

There is a lot of shopping that can be done in Asia, no matter which country you find yourself in, so you’ll have plenty of options to get a trinket or two for dating Asian women. But some shopping is a bit more feasible than others.

There’s been an explosion of high-end shopping malls in Asia in the last few years, particularly in China, where Chinese consumers were responsible for about 90% of the growth in the personal luxury goods sector.

So suffice it to say, there’s a pretty significant appetite for high-end gear in China and in other parts of Asia. But that level of gear is expensive, with simple bifold wallets that can cost hundreds of dollars.

If money has to be spent on luxury goods, there are some good options to help save a few bucks. There are a number of outlet malls and shops that sell those goods for a reduced price. It may not be cheap, but it will be cheaper.

5. Use Public Transportation

One cost that most people don’t notice until it starts to really add up is transportation. A lot of western men drive themselves wherever they need to go and many don’t take cabs or ridesharing apps.

Now, taxis and rideshares are both options in many parts of Asia, but many Asian cities have invested a significant amount of their money into public transportation infrastructure. Buses and trains are readily available and, more often than not, are run so smoothly that they can be timed down to the second.

The great thing about the bus and railway systems in a lot of Asian countries is that they are meant to be accessible towards as many people as possible, which means that they are pretty affordable.

Sticking to the Budget Is Key

Dating women in Asia can be a pretty rewarding experience, but it can also be financially draining if you’re not careful. Set a budget and stick to that budget as close as possible and you should be able to keep on dating in a more fiscally sustainable way.

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