Positive Body Language Asian Women Show on First Dates

An Asian woman.
It's normal to get confused with nonverbal cues women give on first dates.

Ever heard of the saying “read people like books?”

When we can read someone’s body language, we can improve our communication and relationship. However, this is not always the truth.

According to Ronald E. Riggio, Ph.D., we can only improve our ability to interpret other people’s body language through constant practice and exposure, rather than the former.

When you think about it, body language isn’t truly a language. It is a form of nonverbal communication that helps in making engagements much more meaningful. It also provides a foundation for a person to try to carefully learn whether or not one’s words, actions, and gestures match.

Body language is important in communication since it makes things and messages easier to understand. When it comes to first dates, many people rely on it.

The importance of body language in communication cannot be overstated since it helps in making things and messages easier to understand. Most daters rely on it.

Meeting someone for the first time might lead to misconceptions and incorrect first impressions. It may either help or ruin an important component of the beginning of a relationship.

Before you start meeting Asian women, learn the positive body language they show on first dates.

  • They seem to be at a loss for words.

    Feeling intense attraction towards a date can turn a smart-mouthed adult into a stuttering child. When she’s like this, there’s a possibility she’s infatuated with you.

    In reality, some people struggle to find the right words to express themselves. Don’t misinterpret it by thinking that your date has a speaking impairment because you know it isn’t that.

    You’ll most likely get a second date with her if this happens.

  • They make direct eye contact.

    You’ve probably heard that making longer eye contact with someone of the opposite sex indicates interest. While it isn’t solely that, it is part of positive first date body language women express.

    A hand gesture of a woman
    What is a good sign she likes you on your first date? That's positive body language.

    Look into her eyes as you speak. Do her pupils dilate? If so, then she’s definitely attracted to you.

    Prolonged eye contact, on the other hand, might imply the opposite. That is unless one stares in a weird and malicious manner.

    A 1987 study revealed that staring at each other for a longer period of time creates a great emotional connection. If you’re the type whose world comes to a stop when she looks, this may be the thing for you.

    • Their toes are pointed in your direction.

      Women who are interested in you will keep pointing their toes in your direction, and that’s a good sign. She has a thing for you!

      However, if she happens to point them away, prepare to see her for the last time.

      This gesture also applies to women who cross their legs. If they cross it and point to the door, you most likely won’t have a chance.

    • They lean close to you most of the time.

      Aside from hand movements and eye contact, nonverbal communication includes how someone distances themselves from you. If a lady approaches you more closely than usual, it’s because she thinks you’re appealing.

      It’s her way of saying she’s thrilled to be with you, and she means it. A person would never want to become closer to someone in whom they have no interest.

      She prefers to interact with you in this manner rather than not at all. Take this as a hint to take things to the next level with her.

    • Their smile is sincere and genuine.

      You might notice the way she smiles at you and around other people. Maybe it’s a polite smile when meeting an acquaintance or a shy smile when she’s feeling bashful.

      According to one study, a happy and genuine smile is a sign that she’s highly interested in you. So if you catch her smiling at you with her lips and her eyes, then you can safely say she’s interested.

    • They fix their clothes when you’re not looking.

      Naturally, if she likes you, she’ll want to look her best around you at all times. When you’re not looking, she’ll check if her clothes aren’t out of place. She might also check her face once in a while to make sure her lipstick or foundation looks good.

      Similar to preening, she subconsciously tries to catch your attention by maximizing her attractiveness.

    • They mirror your body language.

      If you see her mirroring your actions, you might wonder why and what it means. There are actually a number of things you should consider before making any assumptions.

      First, observe how they act around others and around you. Are they the same? Or does she only behave a certain way when she’s with you? If the answer is yes, then she’s attracted to you.

    Minding Your Body Language with Asian Women

    Compared to those in the West, Asian people have a completely distinct culture. So that you won’t be able to offend your date, being aware of the right body language to show is helpful.

    A couple staring into each other’s eyes.
    Hand gestures can mean many things depending on the kind of culture. Be aware to avoid disrespecting someone from a different culture.

    Keep the following in mind while going on a date with an Asian woman:

    1. In certain parts of Asia, keeping your hands in your pockets is considered disrespectful and arrogant. Refrain from doing this.

    2. A thumbs-up indicates that you approve or agree with something. People in Bangladesh, on the other hand, believe the opposite.

    3. For Buddhists, the head is the holiest part of the human body. Avoid touching a woman’s head if you’re in Laos, China, Thailand, or Cambodia.

    4. If you’re in South Korea, China, or Japan, don’t blow your nose at the dinner table.

    5. It’s not acceptable. Using both hands to receive something is considered customary and courteous in most regions of Asia. Do the same thing.

    It doesn’t stop there. Because of the complexity of Asian culture, gestures and body language vary greatly. However, the ones stated are some of the most important ones to remember.

    Respecting other’s cultures is one of the things you have to learn when dating online. Starting your journey to find love with women from Asia should be a reason for you to be more open to things.

    Understanding and Using Positive Body Language

    Let’s face it: the truth hurts. It is not always easy to understand body language.

    It’s difficult to create a safety net for understanding the body language shown by Asian women on first dates. Not only that, but some people are simply difficult to read. Even if you know a lot about nonverbal communication, it will all be thrown on someone who can’t communicate themselves properly.

    If you’re a good communicator, it’d be easier for you to have a good date and leave a good impression. Drop these clues and signals for her to notice how you genuinely feel. Help her along the way by reciprocating the amount of attention she gives you.

    Setting boundaries amongst yourselves can help prevent you from insulting her. If you find it difficult to read her, drop everything and be yourself. Make things clear by asking questions. This way, you’d understand each other better.

    It takes one to know one, as Riggio said. A good sender will always be a good receiver. Enhance your nonverbal skills before you join dating.

    The world of international dating is sophisticated. Be both if you want to find true love.

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