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Local citizens taking part in the celebration of their annual festival while at a street party.
Get to experience more of the culture of the countries from Southeast Asia by learning some of the festivals that you shouldn’t miss!

"If we are to preserve culture, we must continue to create it."

-Johan Huizinga

Southeast Asia has been one of the best travel destinations frequent to top the list most travelers have. With its perfect geographical location, the Asean geography is home to tropical weather all year round and thus brings the perfect combination of the sun and sea. Much more to this are the Asian women around, that makes it even more rewarding to be in Southeast Asia.

While having fun in one of the countries in Southeast Asia, budget is something that should not be worried too much. Basically, countries in the continent are hailed as one of the cheapest places you can go to in the world. So take out that last bill in your pocket before it disappears on an expensive subway ticket to your ride home.

Dating an Asian female can be such a wholesome experience if you also get to celebrate with the culture of these countries. Tourist spots, foods, delicacies, traditions and beliefs, and festivals -- all of these are waiting for you out there.

Start planning your travel list as early as you can by getting to know some of the festivals of Southeast Asia that you should not miss, and visit these countries in the perfect time of year!

Loi Krathong Festival (Thailand - November)

An image of lanterns in the night sky during the Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand.
Experience a magical night in Thailand.

This festival seems to be like it perfectly came out of a romance book. Try to imagine that on a cold November night, with the moon at its fullest you are with an Asian woman, walking and holding each other hand in hand.

You both looked up at the sky and voila, thousands of paper lanterns lightened the darkness of the horizon. Could there be any better moment than this?

The Loi Krathong is celebrated in Thailand as a way of representing that one wants to end suffering or any other means of hardship. Releasing a paper lantern symbolizes that you want to move on from something that has been giving you a hard time.

Don’t think twice, and experience Loi Krathong with your woman while throwing those blues away!

Boun Bang Fai or Rocket Festival (Laos - April)

A homemade rocket launched in an empty field.
Unlock your creativity skills and muster your own homemade rocket!

The Boun Bang Fai festival is considered to be one of the craziest among all other Asian festivals! Yes, you read that right. People from Laos take pride in this festival for it is when you can showcase your abilities in building and science.

In this event, people get to make their homemade rocket and later on get a chance to launch it among many others and test as to which rocket can go the highest into the sky!

Dancing and other festivities are also done during this festival in Laos.

Sinulog Festival (Philippines - January)

The Grand Sinulog parade taking place along the highways of Cebu City.
Celebrate with the Cebuano as they showcase talent and faith during the annual Sinulog Festival.

The grandeur of the Sinulog festival is yearly witnessed by a lot of tourists and travelers from different parts of the world. Being the most famous festival celebrated in the Philippines, it is known by a lot of people from other cultures thus making it more marvelous with the presence of foreign friends.

As the year opens with the Sinulog celebration in Cebu, Philippines, wonderful music and dancing is one sight to behold. Filipinos, especially devotees, show how they care and give glory to Sr. Sto. Niño by festive activities all throughout the day.

Tet Nguyen Dan or Vietnamese New Year (Vietnam - February)

A photo of a woman readying her items for the Vietnames New Year.
Don’t miss the largest celebration on the Vietnamese calendar!

Tet Nguyen dan, or in English translates to “The Feast of the First Morning of the First Day” is hailed to be the biggest event celebrated in the Vietnamese calendar. If you are lucky to be in Vietnam around this time of festivity, moon cake will fill your starving stomach and red paper lanterns surely brighten your day more.

Surely, finding love will always be the perfect chance to do so as people’s hearts are filled with happiness during the night, and so are you.

Songkran (Thailand - April)

An image of a woman dripping herself in water from a hose..
Experience fun while being drenched in water with Thailand's Songkran Festival!

Was there a memory in your childhood wherein you absolutely loved playing with water so much? When your parents would scold you for staying in the water for far too long?

Well, the heavens have heard you. This festival in Thailand, known as Songkran, is celebrated with days full of water mayhem! People, from young kids to elder ones, never hesitate in joining the fun.

It is the water fight of the year wherein people use their buckets and pails, water hoses, and sprinklers -- all those water devices you can even think of, including water guns too! Isn't that just wild?

Holi Festival (India - March)

People enjoying the vibrant colors of holi powder during the Holi Festival in India.
Join in the most colorful and vibrant festival celebrated in India!

The Holi festival, from its name, is most remarkable because of its use of the holi powder. This is a special kind of powder used in such celebrations as Indian people tend to welcome the start of the spring season with the accompaniment of vibrant colors they could ever have.

If you are a tourist and get to spend your day on the celebration of the Holi festival, then it is your lucky day! Indian people will get to throw so much powder on you, to show their appreciation and happiness that you made time to be with them as they commemorate the Holi Festival.

Join the Fun!

There are just tons and tons of reasons to visit Southeast Asia to get to experience more of these Asean Festivals. Aside from the ones mentioned here, there are still more wonderful and joyous festivities that you can also check out some time soon.

No joy could compare to and no amount of money could ever equate to the worthwhile moments you can create while celebrating with these Southeast Asian Festivals. Fun is always around the corner if you visit these magnificent countries.

People, culture, tradition, and distinctive dishes from Southeast Asian countries are always worth the try. No trace of regret would be felt by you after trying such.

Who knows, you might be able to meet the love of your life while on a vacation in Asia to meet Asian women. That makes it even more perfect. So, what else are you waiting for?

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