Are Relationships with Asian Girls TRANSACTIONAL?

The charm and beauty of Asian girls in the Philippines continue to attract countless foreign guys around the globe.

The traditional values paired with demure personalities of Asian women are the main factors that single Western men gravitate towards, with a growing number of passport bros eagerly traveling to the Philippines with hopes of meeting the Filipina pea to their pod.

Many bachelors regularly engage beautiful Filipina women through Asian dating apps rather than embarking on solo trips to the Philippines. With recent safety concerns about big tech backed dating apps, more foreigners than ever are partnering with Asian matchmakers to meet Filipinas face to face, rather than via their smartphone.

Traveling to Cebu or Davao has become more appealing than endlessly swiping dating apps for many guys because this is their opportunity to get to know Asian girls in an unfiltered way.

Despite the success of a legion of men dating in the Philippines, there are still skeptics who claim that interracial dating and relationships with Asian women are transactional. This is where the importance of meeting and understanding the everyday lives of Filipinas comes in. You will never know or understand the truth about how relationships work in the Philippines unless you immerse yourself into Filipino culture.

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